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Sandstone / Extremely Scary Bolting

Bolting topic continues as we move on from limestone in the southeast of Czechia into the northwest of Czechia - onto the infamous sandstone! Here, the bolting ethics are tough as you need to bolt ground up, rappelling from the top is forbidden. Check out the archive footage from 2011 while we open ground up together with Ondra Beneš the hardest route on Czech sandstone - To tu ještě nebylo (This hasn't been here, yet) 9a. Get ready for both scary and funny falls! Good entertainment.


Bolting a New Route / Potential 9c Project

This episode is about finally deciding to bolt a line that I have been looking at for so many years, but always thinking it was probably impossible. How the process of bolting went you can find out in the next episode. The line turned out to be probably possible, and surely pretty hard!


Back to Italy / Little Hidden Gems

Monday is here and another episode is served on my YouTube channel. Do you know where "Forgotten Crag" or "Secret World" is? Take inspiration for your next climbing trip to Trentino!

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