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Climb Free 9a

This week's episode is a throwback to my trip to Israel. I thought we haven't really showed enough climbing in "Beyond Conflicts" video by Bernardo Giménez (see soon on my YouTube), so we are serving you longer footage of Yala Factor 8c flash and first Israeli 9a called Climb Free. Enjoy.


Flash it!

Czechia lacks hard sport climbs that I haven't tried but it offers plenty of hard boulders as I have been neglecting outdoor bouldering for many years. Whenever I have possibility to flash a boulder problem I always give it a try! The next episode includes flash attempts of 8B+ and 8A+. Especially the 8A+ is a world class bouldering.


Bohemian Rhapsody 9a+

Understandably, I just had to return back to Roviště and finish the big project. As you could see in last week's episode, I got quite close, falling off in the last hard move before the route gets easier, but there is still one more 7C+ boulderproblem guarding the anchor. To make things more dramatic, conditions were not ideal with continuous rain showers throughout the whole day. Check out the epic circumstances while finally making the first ascent of Bohemian Rhapsody, the hardest route in Bohemia.

64 / One More Try!

63 / Iceberg 8C

62 / Forgotten Project In Smith Rock

61 / Memories Of Chile / La Sensación del Bloque 9a

60 / Frankenjura / Becoming 9a+

59 / Quarantine / Mock Bouldering Competition

58 / No Fear - Belaying

57 / No Fear - Falling

56 / Beat The Heat

55 / Let's Train Together

54 / Hangar Masters 2020