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List of routes

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8c+Blut und HonigVienna /  Höllental1 October, 20190
A route which is very hard to grade. It is long but has many good rests, and the real difficulty is the low percentage crux way low down. Orginally graded 9a, I think it could be either 8c or 8c+.
8c+Volle Kraft vorausFrankenjura /  Winterleite22 September, 20075
finally, great
8c+Super AleVerona /  Covolo22 April, 20095
an existing project, too hard for 8c, thus easy 8c+
8c+Three Suns and One StarFrankenjura /  Unknown Crag11 October, 20085
completely my style
8c+La BongadaMargalef / Espadelles18 November, 20204
Tried one day a few years ago, today on my second go in the sun during the sunset. Really good climb, kneepads make it a little easier. 8c+/9a
8c+Pull OverNice /  Verdon7 August, 20105
2nd GO monster 50meters long roof
8c+chambaoBilbao /  Baltzola7 May, 20135
super guapa, but being flexible, it could be a little easier... 9a was postponed due to terrible humidity...I will be back
8c+Yala FactorNezer Cave3 December, 20175
First Ascent Amazing project from Ofer on the right side of the cave. He was so close to make FA on this trip, thanks Ofer for letting me try it! One of the best in the cave
8c+SciddicaSan Vito lo Capo /  Unknown Crag7 May, 20165
First Ascent very humid and it was a fight for life, but hard to give it a grade. Have no clue how it feels like with good temps
8c+El disbaratMontserrat /  El Vermell15 February, 20085
2nd GO
8c+FonaxInnsbruck /  Nassereith23 August, 20091
interesting powerful moves, but chipped a lot
8c+Airva eseBarcelona /  Camarasa24 April, 20125
2nd GO could be 9a quite easily
8c+PoweradeBarcelona /  Vadiello9 March, 20113
8c/c+? rather, but quite tricky to onsight, though I was lucky I chose the sequence more or less right, should have tried maybe the 9a, but who could expect...
8c+Super plafondAix-en-Provence /  Volx6 July, 20143
Super happy and suprised to onsight this bouldery beast while clipping the draws in. Such surreal moment of incredible power.
8c+InfinityFrankenjura /  Eldorado8 August, 20063
9 tries
8c+AirmanaHerculane17 May, 20183
First Ascent Short old project, more like a 8B boulderproblem
8c+BroadwaySiurana /  El pati11 February, 20075
8c+/9a? 4.GO,the best
8c+Llamps i tronsMargalef /  Laboratori25 January, 20091
8c+Reality CheckInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall6 July, 20085
another surprise of the day, 8b+ and the very insecure boulder (my beta is dyno) Btw, Open Air is 9a+ for sure (no chance yesterday)
8c+The voiceSardinia /  Domusnovas24 October, 20095
First Ascent fine boulder, good piece of rock
8c+Banana BalletFlatanger29 September, 20125
First Ascent the oldest project in cave, crazy crux with dancing on smears using only undercuts above your head
8c+politicamente corruptosMargalef /  Unknown Crag15 February, 20173
onsight, just did the other 8c+ 7 years ago which share the same start (more or less 7c+). 8c+/9a in the guidebook
8c+Charlie and the CatCimbergo26 June, 20115
First Ascent 2nd GO good moves, flash was not so far
8c+Silent MenaceSquamish /  Unknown Crag15 February, 20153
2nd GO
8c+Guilty perpetuaSant Llorenç de Montgai12 February, 20195
2nd GO
8c+SpeedZürich /  Voralpsee3 August, 20075
the best route ever
8c+La Grande linea dei SogniErto18 April, 20093
8c+/9a, start in Big Mother, end in Linea dei Sogni
8c+Wagnis plusInnsbruck /  Geisterschmiedwand30 September, 20085
frist pitch is Wagnis Orange 8c (FA 88=2nd 8c worldwide), then just cca. 8a, crux on totally wet hold
8c+Les grands daltonsSecret spot6 August, 20105
2nd GO
8c+Tres SatelitesJaen17 March, 20135
First Ascent an established project with one artificial hold, the rest is truly phenomenal climbing. Should have flashed, such a punter. Out of two weeks, I could climb on my ultimate project for one day - so frustrating! SO much rain, so many seeping holds... But still loving Andalucia!
8c+InceptionNezer Cave30 November, 20175
First Ascent 8c+/9a, amazing power endurance climbing. Starts right of Matrix, then crosses it to the left
8c+Peaceful MindRoviste22 November, 20153
First Ascent start in Tritium, end in New wave
8c+A per notaSiurana /  Negociee11 February, 20085
First Ascent 2nd GO 4 moves boulder,thx Toni
8c+MazawatteeMontagu /  Watersprings27 July, 20095
unique climb! pure endurance
8c+Bella RegisArco /  Bus de Vela7 April, 20125
unsure about the grade, but could somewhere in that region, except two moves it wasn't fully on my limit. Awesome line
8c+el templo del cafeBarcelona /  Alquezar9 March, 20113
basically onsight, I had only climbed the top of Tsunami 4 years ago
8c+Deportace ze zemeSloup1 June, 20143
First Ascent start from the ground, did 13th day climbing a row
8c+Ultimate SacrificeNice /  Gorges du Loup14 July, 20063
horrible start(8b)then nice
8c+L'Ultima ReiniArco /  Massone2 May, 20181
8c+L'odi SocialSiurana /  Can Piqui Pugui8 February, 20073
2nd GO
8c+Le côté obscurNice /  Gorges du Loup30 October, 20083
8c+ExpanzeMoravský kras2 April, 20085
nice line, from second bolt of Schengen to left though the crux is still on the start.
8c+Death RowSardinia /  Domusnovas23 October, 20091
First Ascent bouldery and super sharp
8c+Muy VerdesFlatanger11 July, 20125
fun climbing, good fight in miserable conditions, hard 8c or easy 8c+
8c+C'est la vieAlternativna stena5 October, 20165
So happy to have waited for the moment and onsight this legendary route!
8c+La RubiaVillanueva del Rosario13 April, 20115
a couple of hours after Chilam with clear mind and motivation, it is too easy to send in such a mode:) truly incredible route
8c+KompletaceKrkavka6 December, 20145
First Ascent
8c+Just Do itSmith Rocks (OR) /  Monkey Face10 November, 20185
A dream :-)
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8c+Hattori HanzoFrankenjura /  Riedl Ged.-Wand24 June, 20073
2.Go but 5 tries in Madonna
8c+La Linea dei SogniErto18 April, 20095
one chipped hold in old Sogni, the upper part is excellent
8c+Planets CollideFrankenjura /  Bärenschlucht21 September, 20085
finally! qiute a lot burnt tries in freezing conditions last winter, very good climbing,
8c+La bande à BonnodSecret spot6 August, 20105
First Ascent 2nd GO burly climbing on tufas
8c+Pure ImaginationRed River Gorge (KY) /  Chocolate Factory2 November, 20125
Feels so great! The long awaited onsight that made me nervous for a long time was done in fairly good style. Syked
8c+No Hope Goat FarmArco /  Nago27 August, 20173
8c+Team VisionPal Picollo12 September, 20155
First Ascent 2nd GO the king line of the crag!!!55mmeters of vertical perfectness
8c+Directa RodillarBarcelona /  Margalef6 November, 20203
First Ascent 8c+/9a. A project from Dani Andrada to the right Bongada. Brutal boulderproblem into Rodillar 8a. Going straight up into Bongada would be an interesting challenge. Hard to grade, it is not my style but it felt hard to me. I tried it one day a few years ago, could not do it, this time on my 4th go.
8c+Jamaican AirplaneBaume les dames1 February, 20085
3.go, nice climbing
8c+TitantropeKalymnos /  Spartan Wall26 May, 20095
Well, for me it was more like 8c, but I do not know if I am so strong or the grades are just easy. But considering the fact that master of this crimpy style Dave suggested 8c+, I keep it like this...
8c+BronxAvignon /  Orgon18 February, 20123
2nd GO came quite close onsight though I was quite tired
8c+Desafiando a TsunamiBarcelona /  Alquezar9 March, 20113
1st go, but had tried the whole sequence before in other routes
8c+Art of FlightFlatanger10 September, 20135
First Ascent 8c+/9a, exit variation through Nordic Flower double extension to AMAZING 8c project on the right side of the cave
8c+HisterijaOsp/Misja Pec17 March, 20065
great,4th try
8c+X-LargeArco /  Unknown Crag23 February, 20185
maybe 1st repetition? super reachy, but I think 8c+ should be a good compromise. Nevertheless, cool route!
8c+Estado criticoSiurana /  El pati7 February, 20075
8c+Just One FixNice /  Gorges du Loup29 October, 20083
project of Cedric... Thanks!
8c+Človek ne jezi seOsp/Misja Pec16 March, 20085
L2, nice dyno on the top, great day!
8c+KawaschuwuFrankenjura /  Grüne Hölle11 October, 20090
8c+Odin's EyeFlatanger8 July, 20125
Yes, so lucky and happy to onsight this one. It might not be the hardest 8c+ on its own, but really demanding for onsight and possibly the most valuable onsight ever for me. Incredible piece of rock
8c+PygocentrusAllgäu24 July, 20165
Nice fingery route
8c+Supernatural SuperseriousAlternativna stena9 April, 20115
First Ascent good quality
8c+SenzaceKrkavka6 December, 20145
First Ascent 2nd GO super nice route for Czech standards!
8c+Four For GloryBrar21 October, 20185
First Ascent 2nd GO just perfect
8c+MadonnaFrankenjura /  Riedl Ged.-Wand27 May, 20075
8c+MasoniamociMasone12 April, 20093
8c+/9a (maybe 9a), possible 8B boulder on the start, then not more than 8a, very bouldery, but good line and rock though
8c+MatadorFrankenjura /  Glocke20 September, 20085
in my opinion more 8c+ than 9a, but others should feel free to say more about grade
8c+Keep it movin' even if the world stopsZillertal /  Schwarze Wand22 July, 20105
2nd GO did quite easily, but it is pretty much my style, maybe only 8c+, but superb route
8c+Golden TicketRed River Gorge (KY) /  Chocolate Factory2 November, 20125
an hour after Pure Imagination, having to nothing to loose, I just kept going in 100% efficient style to top. Fought hard, had a huge luck, but didn't punt it. High end 8c+. Climbing with good ascents in the bag feels like cheating, no stress and everything just flows...
8c+The Right of SpringFlatanger26 July, 20175
First Ascent Extended project by Laurent Laporte finished by Erik Grandelius. Amazing 45m line with a hard crux halfway up.
8c+Hell of a ParadiseHell31 August, 20153
First Ascent Last project in Hell on left side.tje climbing is 8c,but clipping the 2nd bolt adds the grade
8c+JuturnaInnsbruck /  Nassereith19 October, 20203
2nd GO 8c+/9a, around the same difficulty as Hades if you are tall
8c+EkstazaOsp/Misja Pec27 November, 20075
3.go, 8c+/9a
8c+InshallahKalymnos /  North Cape26 May, 20095
almost on-sight, in the second go did it with big figth during amazing sunset
8c+Na veky vekuHolstejn, Mor.kras9 September, 20113
First Ascent morphological undercling reach, when 5cm shorter than me, impossible
8c+Quenelle Trophy les maux de la finNice /  Gorges du Loup27 October, 20083
8c+Bizi EuskarazBilbao /  Etxauri7 March, 20113
nervous fight, but I was stronger! could be 8c+ benchmark, props to Patxi!
8c+The TrapFlatanger13 August, 20133
First Ascent Very special boldery section in the middle, super morpho. Possibly much harder or easier
8c+La leccionBarcelona /  Terradets17 February, 20063
8 tries,wet
8c+L'EnfumetteAvignon /  St Léger12 February, 20185
tried three years ago and got so close to onsight when it was still a project, now retro-flash in the end of the day.
8c+BlomuBarcelona /  Santa Linya6 February, 20075
8c+BarracudaKaitersberg22 July, 20163
kept looking at it for an hour and then executed all perfectly on this 5moves boulderproblem
8c+KosovoMoravský kras27 February, 20085
First Ascent maybe easier, took me quite much of effort altough I did so easily. so confused in grades because of changing bouldery and long routes!
8c+BakufuKarlstein7 September, 20095
First Ascent project from Alex, right start of Shogun with awesome moves on pockets and then slopery crux of Shogun on the top. 2nd go + 3 goes in Shogun back in June
8c+Leoline L2Sogn /  Kvam28 June, 20125
First Ascent 2nd GO one grade harder than Fraulein, shares the crux of it, but has harder and more pumpy start.
8c+N.N.Alternativna stena9 April, 20115
First Ascent a tiny bit harder than the other, might be close to 9a
8c+Za staro kolo in majhnega psaOsp/Misja Pec17 November, 20143
hard powerful classic
8c+RoctripDrašnice1 October, 20180
Klemens absolute masterpiece!!! So stunning! L1 8c+, L2 8a, L3 8c+, L4 7c, L5 7b. Two 8c+'s were done 2nd go.
8c+ShangrilaFrankenjura /  Schlaraffenland29 April, 20073
8c+Vento nei capelliMilano /  CORNALBA9 April, 20093
8c+/9a,65 meters, unfortunately chipped - good training of endurance though, for other projects too hot!
8c+St. AngerArco /  Unknown Crag7 September, 20083
8c+/9a, 4th Go, chipped
8c+The SourceZillertal /  Schwarze Wand22 July, 20105
2nd GO 2nd ascent after Gerhard