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List of routes

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8cAfrican headchargeKochel6 June, 20053
8cJawsKalymnos /  Sikati Cave25 May, 20095
an adventure!
8cIluzijaCelje /  Kotecnik5 April, 20125
fun to onsight this one, not obvious at all
8cPohádkové snySloup23 February, 20075
8cMora MoraTsaranoro Valley10 October, 20105
First Ascent first free ascent, all pitches in one day, 2 days in total, the crux maybe only 8b+, hard to grade... 6a+,6b,7b,7b+,7b+,7c+/8a,8b+/8c, 6c+,7a+,7c+,7b+,4
8cLa perdiciónRamales2 May, 20145
8cMasters of the UniverseFrankenjura /  Universum4 April, 20175
Finally an 8c onisight in Frankenjura:-)
8cBushmanMoravský kras5 June, 20073
First Ascent Very hard crux, many tries
8cRevolucijaOsp/Misja Pec24 November, 20085
very good route, just after Halupca
8cAdafanoArco /  Unknown Crag3 September, 20195
First Ascent, 8c/c+, nice short power endurance.
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8cIl Piccolo OrsoSparchen16 August, 20085
incredible route, 8c/c+ in my opinion
8cVizijaOsp/Misja Pec27 October, 20053
2nd GO bit sharp
8cWatzmann ruftInnsbruck /  Geisterschmiedwand4 October, 20095
2nd ascent, really tricky
8cEl calvario del sicarioCuenca10 February, 20135
historical route, so sick and hard, especially after a couple of holds broke. One of my proudest onsights, could be 8c+
8cOutdoorfingerspieleMedveja26 March, 20165
Not so easy to find the methods, felt a bit harder to me than The Core, but possibly due to the wrong betas... amazing route
8cBat RouteMalham16 May, 20115
and old classic, does it deserve the upgrade on 8c? hard to say, but harder than Unjustified
8cEl turrónSiurana /  Unknown Crag8 February, 20155
One of the best in Siurana
8cAthenaArco /  Massone23 February, 20183
Maybe hold broke?
8cDigital systemBarcelona /  Santa Linya5 February, 20085
quite solid 8c?
8cRoň slzyMoravský kras5 April, 20093
First Ascent might be 8b+, but it is very morphological and for short people almost impossible
8cSteinbockFrankenjura /  Orakel11 October, 20083
2nd GO
8cGeminisRodellar8 July, 20065
8cFatal mamboGrenoble /  Pierrot beach5 August, 20103
2nd GO
8cNordic PlumberFlatanger25 July, 20135
8cKanibalHarmanecka Jaskyňa16 August, 20163
8cMangustaArco /  Unknown Crag9 September, 20155
the best route of the wall
8cThe ProwRaven's Crag13 July, 20185
2nd GO
8cMonsterlevelFrankenjura /  Klagemauer12 April, 20083
crazy combination, pure endurance
8c7 pm JP chaudNice /  Gorges du Loup19 March, 20053
8cGora Guta GutarakKalymnos /  Odyssey22 May, 20095
hard crux on the start followed by easier but delicate climbing, figured out the sequence on the ground, then just killed it without any stop for thinking, for me 8c, not 8c+
8cEl gran chuloBarcelona /  Oliana17 February, 20121
to the right of Identificacion y placas. Could be soft, two boulders, that seemed pretty hard, but it is still pretty chossy
8cLa Novena PuertaBarcelona /  Santa Linya16 February, 20073
8cTough Enough OriginalTsaranoro Valley4 October, 20105
First Ascent the original 8th pitch (Chameleon), sent all the pitches during one day
8cWarbeastArco /  Nago18 April, 20145
good bouldery route, really close to onsighting Bucking Bronco 8c+ and another 8c+ project in another area.
8cUbreceny traverzAlternativna stena26 March, 20173
8cSuperskunkFrankenjura /  Rotenstein8 May, 20075
8cSkicrossMoravský kras9 November, 20085
First Ascent what a line!
8cLa CupolaArco /  Unknown Crag3 September, 20195
nice one, 2nd ascent right after Stefano
8cDas Erbe der VäterInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall9 August, 20083
finally with right start, rain and desperate wetness, not 8c+ I think
8cBurn for YouFrankenjura /  Schneiderloch8 October, 20055
super,interesting moves
8cN.N.Kalkofen3 October, 20095
wow, world class route!
8cFifty Words for PumpRed River Gorge (KY) /  Bob Marley29 October, 20125
2nd GO fel off the top second day of my trip (at 9:30 AM, but too late, the sun was on the wall)
8cL'insostenibile debolezza dell'essereArco /  Grottosauro6 March, 20165
lower part pretty wet, so it made the thing pretty spicy... good fight
8cCarbuncoMalaga /  Archidona23 April, 20113
the crux was hard!
8cchocolate calienteSiurana /  Unknown Crag7 February, 20155
Awesome climbing
8cCombinazioneLugano /  Ponte Brolla21 January, 20185
Amazing route and moves, and very happy to solve these complicated sequences first go while clipping the QD's in! but hard to give it a grade
8cno warBarcelona /  Terradets3 February, 20083
2nd GO crimpy
8cNononoAngelone20 March, 20095
First Ascent 2nd GO easy 8c, but still 8c
8cShowdownFrankenjura /  Trautner Ged.-Wand21 September, 20085
stiff grading from nineties, I was very lucky
8cTonton Bertrand et la choco-locoRodellar6 July, 20063
8cFliag decht oZillertal /  Bachhexe24 July, 20103
8c/c+, boulder traverse and finish in 8b, did twice, cause it was raining
8cTorture physiqueInterlaken /  Gastlosen6 July, 20135
What a nice feeling of feeling strong! I kept climbing, clipped the first anchor of 8c (and didn't know about it, as there is only one bolt with lock-carabiner), continued, clipped the anchor of second pitch from the reinforced side-pull, unable to continue nor clip the second bolt of the anchor. While falling off, I thought that I had not sent even the first 8c. What a nice suprise was to find out that I might have just onsighted Torture Physique 2.0, which was graded 9a at first, that ends up in that anchor, even though I don't know if you are allowed to clip the anchor from underneath (reinforced hold) or you have to do this two more moves. Nevertheless, I did at least the first pitch and maybe the second one as well. Nevertheless, the second pitch seemed to me like easy or hard 8c+, depending on where it ends.
8cJistota nejistotyHolstejn13 August, 20160
First Ascent direct finish of Solimova
8cCorazon InvertidoArco /  Padaro6 September, 20155
Amazing route bolted by Paolo Benvenutti. Amazing fight and could be 8c+,time will tell.
8cExistence MundaneCalgary /  Acephale30 June, 20183
got quite lucky with onsighting this one
8cNew Orleans Heavyweight DivisionFrankenjura /  Endorama12 April, 20083
finally easy!
8cMascherinaRome /  Sperlonga31 December, 20043
8cIntercoolerFrankenjura /  Kalte Wand17 May, 20095
great 10 meters of rock
8cShow me RealitySloup, Mor.kras10 September, 20115
First Ascent cool to see what can still be found at home, awesome roof climbing, bolted and sent in one day
8cStrelovodOsp/Misja Pec26 October, 20063
2nd GO connection
8cIchi banZillertal /  Bergstation19 September, 20105
had tried only the first boulder, the rest onsight
8cBilé tichoRoviste12 April, 20143
1st try for the end of the day., but I had already climbed most of the section before. traverse above the ground and 5 meters of 8a+ straight up. But climbs very well. Two months of hard training is over, let's see if it pays off.
8cMilleniumBarcelona /  Sadernes18 March, 20175
8cKompressorFrankenjura /  Trockauer Wand29 April, 20075
2nd GO great
8cQoussai les maux de la finNice /  Gorges du Loup27 October, 20083
basically flash, I knew just first 10 meters from Soul Sacrifice
8cAerodromoArco /  Terra Promessa1 September, 20193
More of an 8c I think.
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8cWoGüRätikon26 July, 20085
First Ascent Yess! The ROUTE dedicated to BIG Wolfgang, multipitch route, L1 8c, L2 7c+, L3 8b+/c, L4 8b, L5 8b+, L6 8a+, L7 7c+, opened by Beat kammerlander from the ground and had still been waiting for redpoint, 3 days (2 days work and ascent day), so sharp, hard and technical!!! Thanks Beat, Pietro, Wolfgang!
8cRaubritterFrankenjura /  Eldorado5 September, 20053
8cN.N.Kalkofen3 October, 20095
2nd GO 8c/c+
8cNordic flowerFlatanger9 July, 20125
I am not sure about grade, felt pretty as I brought 30 quickdraws along for this 55 meters rig. I was so heavy at the beggining that it felt like a crux. Found almost no kneebars.
8cLa FaràndulaLa cova de l'ocell20 February, 20165
hard to give it a grade, spoiled by too many rests...but 8c+ probably not
8cKallisteMalaga /  Archidona23 April, 20115
amazing one
8cAtheneInnsbruck /  Nassereith24 July, 20141
A tough one I think, interval training for the end of the day, retroflashed Hades before
8cCiccio formaggioRome /  Sperlonga19 December, 20173
8cSchengenMoravský kras26 January, 20083
First Ascent depens on conditions
8cL'espiadimonisMargalef /  Cova boix2 March, 20093
strange climbing on small pockets
8czipayorik ez!!Margalef /  Finestra1 November, 20204
2nd GO really good for the skin considering you are in Margalef. Messed up my onsight try. Probably hard 8c, not 8c+ in my opinion.
8cLichtjahreInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall14 September, 20085
not easy for me
8cTalk is cheap!Osp/Misja Pec19 March, 20061
not nice
8cSikakuCimbergo3 April, 20105
First Ascent tricky, morphological, hard to gradei
8cAktion TalonVienna /  Höllental29 June, 20135
This is hard to onsight, little chalk, white moss, good fight
8cHeart BeatFlatanger1 August, 20165
First Ascent Very cool compression climbing, extension of Palgeist
8cN.N.Nice /  Verdon25 July, 20153
2nd GO
8cGoldfingerInterlaken /  Gimmelwald30 May, 20183
tricky to onsight
8cPopolni mrkOsp/Misja Pec16 March, 20085
first try after two years
8cDownsetFrankenjura /  Terra Australis17 May, 20093
nothing but five moves, fun
8cMr TeroldegoArco /  Narango18 July, 20115
8cWolfgang GullichMoravský kras25 September, 20063
10+/11-,2nd ascent
8cLa Chronique de la Haine OrdinaireProvence /  Céüse10 September, 20103
in the darkness with headlamp!
8cSelbst ist das KindVienna /  Adlitzgraben15 March, 20143
A soft one, but after a couple of holds supposedly broke, it might be 8c in its current state. Not an easy onsight.
8cMagin el MagoBarcelona /  Sadernes18 March, 20175
Second 8c onsight a day. The third one was quite close...
8cCharles DarwinMoravský kras18 April, 20075
First Ascent tricky crux+8b
8cMarinaSardinia /  Domusnovas16 October, 20085
First Ascent 8c/c+, this is just half of the most impressive project in this perspective cave somewhere in 9b range
8cConjugal VisitValle de los Cóndores22 November, 20183
First Ascent. 2nd GO what a line, not so nice rock.
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8cVoie ultime 2008Montpellier /  Boffi27 June, 20085
First Ascent 2nd GO
8cRoninFrankenjura /  Zwergenschloss24 July, 20055
8cStreet FighterOudtshoorn23 July, 20095
2nd GO normal european 8c
8cFrauleinSogn /  Kvam28 June, 20125
2nd GO second ascent, incredible crack climbing which is hard to grade, superb line which can't be missed
8cRikki-tikky-taviSrbsko19 November, 20155
parto of I had known, part of it onsight
8cFish eyeBarcelona /  Oliana21 March, 20115
2nd GO 1st go 2 years ago