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List of routes

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8cDas Erbe der Vater (with start in left 8b)Innsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall14 June, 20083
2nd GO very lucky ascent, I still cannot belive how I could do it, mistake in guide - started in left 8b where is better restpoint, thus hard 8c...
8cJawsKalymnos /  Sikati Cave25 May, 20095
an adventure!
8cIluzijaCelje /  Kotecnik5 April, 20125
fun to onsight this one, not obvious at all
8crottameVerona /  Ceredo9 September, 20151
a bit contrived and not a good rock, but still was agood fight
8cCorridaOsp/Misja Pec18 March, 20065
8cMora MoraTsaranoro Valley10 October, 20105
First Ascent first free ascent, all pitches in one day, 2 days in total, the crux maybe only 8b+, hard to grade... 6a+,6b,7b,7b+,7b+,7c+/8a,8b+/8c, 6c+,7a+,7c+,7b+,4
8cLa perdiciónRamales2 May, 20145
8cMasters of the UniverseFrankenjura /  Universum4 April, 20175
Finally an 8c onisight in Frankenjura:-)
8cBushmanMoravský kras5 June, 20073
First Ascent Very hard crux, many tries
8cRevolucijaOsp/Misja Pec24 November, 20085
very good route, just after Halupca
8cAdafanoArco /  Unknown Crag3 September, 20195
First Ascent, 8c/c+, nice short power endurance.
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8cIl Piccolo OrsoSparchen16 August, 20085
incredible route, 8c/c+ in my opinion
8cWatzmann ruftInnsbruck /  Geisterschmiedwand4 October, 20095
2nd ascent, really tricky
8cEl calvario del sicarioCuenca10 February, 20135
historical route, so sick and hard, especially after a couple of holds broke. One of my proudest onsights, could be 8c+
8cOutdoorfingerspieleMedveja26 March, 20165
Not so easy to find the methods, felt a bit harder to me than The Core, but possibly due to the wrong betas... amazing route
8cEl turrónSiurana /  Unknown Crag8 February, 20155
One of the best in Siurana
8cAthenaArco /  Massone23 February, 20183
Maybe hold broke?
8cDigital systemBarcelona /  Santa Linya5 February, 20085
quite solid 8c?
8cRoň slzyMoravský kras5 April, 20093
First Ascent might be 8b+, but it is very morphological and for short people almost impossible
8cVýmena manzelekMoravský kras12 September, 20065
First Ascent
8cBat RouteMalham16 May, 20115
and old classic, does it deserve the upgrade on 8c? hard to say, but harder than Unjustified
8b+WassermusikInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall20 September, 20095
basically on sight, but I had climbed Sempre Secco last year
8b+FalconettiMontsant13 February, 20065
right from hydrophobia,8b??
8b+T1 Full equipBarcelona /  Oliana10 March, 20125
first try a couple of years ago
8b+Generation NextZillertal /  Monkey Island19 August, 20085
8b+BaltzolitaBilbao /  Baltzola14 December, 20150
2nd GO
8b+Viaggio InfinitoRome /  Sperlonga17 December, 20175
8b+N.N.Hlubočepy1 December, 20075
First Ascent slab!,35m, in starting rain
8b+Lietajuca rybaSulov8 June, 20145
nice technical climb, but nuclear heat
8b+Ubrecena diagonalaAlternativna stena25 March, 20173
First Ascent
8b+ScarfaceSmith Rocks (OR) /  Unknown Crag7 November, 20185
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8b+Gorilas en la nieblaBarcelona /  Oliana4 February, 20095
the last route in Spain
8b+ZatopekRome /  Sperlonga31 December, 20045
8b+Elements of AddictionZillertal /  Bergstation19 September, 20105
8b+King LineLabské Údolí8 November, 20095
2nd GO beautiful line on arete, 2nd ascent
8b+Mongol partyLabské Údolí22 October, 20063
2nd GO small hold,8b/b+
8b+Transworld DepravityRed River Gorge (KY) /  Motherlode24 October, 20125
8b+NanukFalesia dei Ciclopi14 May, 20165
absolutely superb! a lot of potential in this crag. For very hard routes too. Thank you Rolando Larcher!
8b+Les intermutants du spectacleAvignon /  St Léger16 February, 20183
8b+Drive by ShootingFrankenjura /  Bärenschlucht2 July, 20173
nemesis route from 12 yrs ago
8b+Il MaratonetaZadar /  Paklenica20 July, 20205
really happy to have onsighted this legendary route by Manolo! One of the hardest at that time, and still hard
8b+NadirKalymnos /  Odyssey23 May, 20095
awesome, one of the best hard routes there
8b+Queeeel dich, du SauFrankenjura /  Erinnerungswand9 October, 20055
2nd GO 10/10+,super
8b+orujitoMalaga /  Archidona23 April, 20115
final route of the trip...
8b+S čistou hlavouMoravský kras24 May, 20085
First Ascent 10+/11-, tricky moves on smooth no holds rock
8b+MilleniumOsp/Misja Pec26 April, 20151
easy, fell many years in the onsight, now broke a foothold, and had to give it another go
8b+Via del QuimMargalef / Finestra11 November, 20205
Retro-onsight after many years.
8b+SkaterboyLabské Údolí18 April, 20103
2nd GO specific, friction and skin dependant, both was bad...
8b+HasenmonsterFrankenjura /  Amphitheater24 June, 20073
one very sharp pocket
8b+AnitaJaen3 May, 20135
8b+TrümmelbachInterlaken /  Gimmelwald3 October, 20165
8b+The ShineCalgary /  Acephale1 July, 20181
8b+NachossFlatanger16 September, 20171
First Ascent 2nd GO start like Litt pa Kanten (which is broken now, got a bit harder for sure) and then straight up. A candidate for the worst route in the cave. Only 3 projects left in the cave!
8b+Jen pro stare bojovnikyMoravský kras16 September, 20095
First Ascent good new line
8b+Kale borrokaSiurana /  El pati11 February, 20065
8b+Flash overMargalef /  Finestra30 July, 20115
8b+Robinson CrusoeMoravský kras15 July, 20085
First Ascent 10+/11-
8b+MimikrySrbsko11 October, 20155
new sector that has just been opened. Overhangs in CZ!
8b+L'EternautaSardinia /  Isili4 November, 20073
First Ascent great but worse rock
8b+Gezurren erresumaBilbao /  Valdegobia7 May, 20143
for the end of the day
8b+La gouverne mentaleAvignon /  St Léger19 March, 20175
Finally some wind and better conditions
8b+Comunque dadaArco /  Volta di No15 October, 20183
hard onsight, no chalk, full sun!
8b+Identifacation y placasBarcelona /  Oliana1 February, 20095
so much rain! Desperate! the only one dry route, small satisfaction on my frustration
8b+MarionetaOsp/Misja Pec27 October, 20043
8b+HérésistanceGrenoble /  Pierrot beach5 August, 20103
8b+Small TalkFrankenjura /  Bärenschlucht10 October, 20095
8b+THCLabské Údolí21 October, 20065
very good,edge
8b+N.N.Valtournenche8 August, 20123
2nd GO
8b+Horror vacui L1+L2Falesia dei Ciclopi14 May, 20165
First Ascent first two pitches together.
8b+La trav vers l'étraveAvignon /  St Léger3 February, 20185
8b+In the Middle of NowhereFrankenjura /  Bärenschlucht2 July, 20173
I do not think it is 8c, regular 8b+ to me.
8b+Starec in MorjePazin /  Limski Kanal20 January, 20203
More of an 8b+ than 8c. Video available on my YouTube channel.
8b+ShalomVerona /  Covolo21 April, 20093
8b+KassiopeiaFrankenjura /  Clubbwall23 July, 20053
2nd GO 10/10+
8b+QueimadaVillanueva del Rosario13 April, 20115
for the end of the day
8b+ImolaFrankenjura /  Pornowand1 May, 20083
on the right
8b+Rock fucksBarcelona /  Santa Linya11 February, 20155
8b+A dos bandasSiurana /  La Capella6 March, 20103
2nd GO dangerous if you do not preclip the 2nd bolte as me, but it is cheating otherwise
8b+Papírový měsícLabské Údolí17 June, 20073
original way,maybe 8b+/c(given 8c+)
8b+Jacky el perroMalaga /  Cogollos11 March, 20133
short hard route, the only thing dry in Andalucia
8b+hexenkücheInterlaken /  Gimmelwald20 July, 20165
8b+Rusty NailHerculane15 May, 20185
to finish the day, sharp but nice
8b+NeoGranitgrottan9 August, 20173
kneebar trickery
8b+BobbejaanOudtshoorn23 July, 20095
8b+RenegoideSiurana /  Can Piqui Pugui10 February, 20065
2nd GO nicely technical
8b+AitzolMargalef /  Finestra27 July, 20115
not an 8c in my opinion
8b+KommunistInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall13 July, 20083
so pumped!
8b+La ConessioneVerona /  Ceredo9 September, 20155
1st go, Anima mundi part was onsight
8b+Lost & FoundFrankenjura /  Pornowand12 August, 20073
possible to on-sight
8b+Gott gegen Lisa SimpsonVienna /  Adlitzgraben15 March, 20143
Super soft
8b+BleuCalanques / Grotte de l'ours29 December, 20203
Very awkward style, but I did it and that is what counts :-)
8b+Le nababAvignon /  St Léger19 March, 20175
8b+Fairy UltraFrankenjura /  Unknown Crag7 October, 20183
Maybe not so hard, but quite tough for onsight
8b+Tete de miaCalanques /  Unknown Crag31 December, 20085
First Ascent 2nd GO just perfect spectacular climbing
8b+GlutamanMoravský kras16 September, 20043
8b+I am souris MickeyGrenoble /  La Balme2 August, 20105
8b+N.N.Kalkofen3 October, 20095
8b+TrinityFrankenjura /  Magdalenenwand1 October, 20065
2nd GO 10/10+,sharp but nice
8b+Break freeFlatanger7 August, 20125
First Ascent
8b+PeyoteroFalesia dei Ciclopi14 May, 20165
First Ascent