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List of routes

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8cDu Lurd a l'essaiMollans4 November, 20133
8cLa Novena PuertaBarcelona /  Santa Linya16 February, 20073
8cRollito NinjaBarcelona /  Oliana9 February, 20173
First Ascent right start of China Crisis. Super morpho, hard to grade.
8cKostěj nesmrtelnýMoravský kras30 March, 20073
8c/c+ probably, the old project
8cFind your wayPal Picollo12 September, 20153
the FIGHT!!! skipped the good crimp ion the crux, and "invented" two more boulderproblems above that... unforgettable experience
8cVietcongFrankenjura /  Ringlerwand6 October, 20183
2nd GO pretty hard I think. Clipping the third and fourth bolt makes the grade I think
8cGambitInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall14 June, 20085
2nd GO very nice route, the start of roof was a bit wet, I think it is rather hard 8c than 8c+.
8cShogunKarlstein14 June, 20095
perfect end of the day
8cScoglio di CapriArco /  Bus de Vela7 April, 20125
Piece of everything in one climb, brilliant
8cBurn for YouFrankenjura /  Schneiderloch8 October, 20055
super,interesting moves
8cSouriez brave gensBaume les dames5 March, 20113
First Ascent 2nd GO second pitch only 8b+?!?
8casfixia mentalRamales2 May, 20145
not a true 8c+ for me, the rest in between two pitches is too good
8chelel Ben schacharKalkofen11 April, 20175
8cOdd FellowsFrankenjura /  Pornowand22 September, 20073
2nd GO 40 minutes
8cLa vraie vieCalanques /  Paroi des toits1 January, 20093
8cWarme DuscheInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall15 July, 20204
First Ascent 8c/c+ to me. A linkup - You climb Eiszeit 8c+/9a below the final crux and then move to the right into Black Pearl. For the grade - you climb most of Fight Club (8c, but maybe a little soft one), rest, hard section, rest, and final topout in Black Pearl. Adds probably a lot into Fight Club, but probably much easier than Eiszeit. INCREDIBLE fight on my onsight.
8cAbsinthSparchen16 August, 20085
20m of crimping, my style
8cFrontlineFrankenjura /  Neudorf11 October, 20093
2nd GO
8cTerapia de gritoCuenca13 February, 20133
while being really tired, a good line
8cTonton Bertrand et la choco-locoRodellar6 July, 20063
8cThe CoreMedveja26 March, 20165
Amazing route for sure, but for me at most 8c/c+
8b+RockyFort Fordyce17 July, 20093
First Ascent
8b+NoiAndonno2 January, 20065
8b+Io con voi non gioco piuCimbergo26 June, 20113
First Ascent 2nd GO maybe 8c, bouldery, but fantastic rock once again
8b+N.N.Montpellier /  Boffi27 June, 20085
on left of the juniors Ultimate route
8b+Tro på miraklerHell31 August, 20155
8b+ZentrifugeFrankenjura /  Zwergenschloss3 July, 20171
partly onsight
8b+CrimptoniteBarcelona /  Oliana10 February, 20175
Pity it does not get more attention
8b+AngstCalgary /  Acephale16 July, 20183
such a bummer not to have onsighted this one
8b+GlückshormonInnsbruck /  Ötztal28 September, 20083
8b+Baby BasherKochel4 June, 20043
Aged 11, I did my first 8b+ in Kochel, Germany. May 2004.
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8b+Total brutalZillertal /  Jochberg24 July, 20101
saw video 2 years ago, but didn't remember anything, did it twice
8b+Hot Chili Beans VolcanoNice /  Gorges du Loup2 August, 20071
chipped,"OS",I climbed easy terrain on top(7b+?)before
8b+Star Workin' againRoc Galliner6 February, 20145
8b+Les Massey FergusonCalanques / Grotte de l'ours29 December, 20203
World's first 8b+ onsight by Elie Chevieux in 1995! I do not think it had been onsighted again.
8b+VyvoleníMoravský kras20 July, 20065
First Ascent tricky
8b+N.N.Arco /  Bus de la Stria28 May, 20123
one mover, big move to the tufa
8b+SchwarzbierMoravský kras1 May, 20163
First Ascent
8b+Piccoli GestiRome /  Sperlonga20 December, 20175
8b+L'amour DirecteBasler Jura30 September, 20095
for me a bit easier than La Belle vie (8b)
8b+Bad ManSmith Rocks (OR) /  Aggro Gully10 November, 20183
8b+Camoscio EmigrantePasso della Presolana13 April, 20095
First Ascent technical with bouldery ending, big fight, pure on-sight with no tickmarks at all.
8b+KudlankaMoravský kras15 June, 20053
8b+Mare allucinanteVerona /  Lumignano19 November, 20105
2nd GO so close to onsight...
8b+En voie dure SimoneAvignon /  St Léger3 January, 20085
8b+/c and originally 8c?, fought as hell
8b+BügeleisenSparchen6 July, 20145
2nd GO Horrible conditions
8b+II fuggitivoArco /  Unknown Crag31 May, 20173
2nd GO training
8b+El koalaBarcelona /  Santa Linya5 February, 20075
my birthday,never 8c
8b+100 Ounces of GoldRed River Gorge (KY) /  Gold Coast1 November, 20120
8b+Crack the BackFlatanger12 June, 20165
probably not an 8c
8b+Foetus trou du cusSt Léger16 February, 20185
4th 8b+ in a day, and if I hadn't fallen in Ousama in the last move, would have been 5th one.
8b+AzzuroPREDORE27 December, 20095
First Ascent crimpfest, surprisingly good climbing
8b+Nobody is perfectInnsbruck /  Bürs18 October, 20205
one of the pumpiest routes you can ever find on the rock. Simply amazing. 8b+/c is probably the correct grade, 2005 onsight by Cedric Lachat is possibly the hardest onsight ever at that time.
8b+Go High!NSA16 July, 20091
First Ascent 2nd GO hard to grade, one move
8b+HyaenaFinale /  Monte Sordo / Alveare27 December, 20055
8b+La Pietra MurataArco /  Massone26 June, 20113
training,"onsight" after years
8b+HELIUMInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall15 June, 20080
bouldery but pretty good, maybe more 8b
8b+Kaj ti je deklica?Osp/Misja Pec26 April, 20155
fell in the onsight many years ago, now didn't want touch a sharp spike due to huge splitter on my thumb and all of the sudden I was falling...
8b+Ich will im Beifall untergehenFrankenjura /  Unknown Crag3 July, 20173
8b+ultimate doomNice /  Castillon7 December, 20161
Dec 19
8b+OjasCalgary /  Acephale5 July, 20185
Slab! no chalk on the wall, clipping the draws
8b+N.N.Laste19 July, 20105
amazing line
8b+Zub za zubRatikon29 July, 20073
First Ascent 4 pitches,just one hard pitch
8b+Snarvei til himmelenHell22 September, 20133
8b+PepitoCalanques / Grotte de l'ours30 December, 20203
2nd GO. In the guidebook it is 8a+, it is fair to say it is brutally sandbagged. Solid 8b+ i think.
8b+RavageBasler Jura28 September, 20095
first 8b+/c on the world, bolted and second ascent by Czech (V.Vodicka)
8b+N.N.Gorges Du Tarn30 June, 20063
2nd GO hard end
8b+N.N.Arco /  Bus de la Stria8 April, 20120
incredibly-looking wave-like piece of rock with perfect tufas on it. The far right line though I bolted a line even more to the right
8b+N.N.Barcelona /  Sadernes21 February, 20163
2nd GO to the right of Brujo
8b+InvidiaRome /  Sperlonga20 December, 20175
Amazing route
8b+AuroraArco /  Laghel29 April, 20173
First Ascent 1st go
8b+White WeddingSmith Rocks (OR) /  Unknown Crag7 November, 20183
8b+Bagdad CaféMasone12 April, 20095
First Ascent Thanks Pietro, cool technical route
8b+Missing drinkOsp/Misja Pec20 February, 20053
8b+Tough EnoughTsaranoro Valley30 September, 20105
First Ascent first free ascent in one day, what extraordinary piece of rock! did it first day, all pitches onsighted/flashed (saw a video) except 7th and 9th. L1 7b+,L2 7c+,L3 8a+,L4 7c,L5 8a+,L6 8a+,L7 8b+,L8 8b+,L9 8b+, L10 8b
8b+Aoc la baleineAvignon /  St Léger30 December, 20075
8b+/c, so surprised after desperation in Buoux!
8b+BrumíkSulov8 June, 20141
8b+Super tapathorNice /  La Turbie1 January, 20075
2nd GO quite on-sight Patathor 8b
8b+The NothingRed River Gorge (KY) /  Drive by25 October, 20125
warm weather, weird boulderproblem which is impossible to grade and continous upper section
8b+FroskekongenFlatanger12 June, 20163
8b+Chipolatas et jacuzziAvignon /  St Léger16 February, 20185
very nice one
8b+Z Pekla štěstíLabské Údolí8 November, 20095
First Ascent 2nd GO
8b+Body ToningInnsbruck /  Bürs18 October, 20204
such a bummer to fall off the top of Body Building, it just turned into the sun and it was hard to see the holds. Body Building up to the rest.
8b+Život v temnotěSrbsko21 June, 20093
2nd GO
8b+Missing linkOsp/Misja Pec27 October, 20053
8b+carbono 14Malaga /  Archidona23 April, 20115
incredible fight, possibly 8c
8b+Straight EdgeFrankenjura /  Maximilianswand7 June, 20085
8b+BastiljaOsp/Misja Pec26 April, 20153
1st go, the last part was onsight
8b+Grandslam (after break)Frankenjura /  Bärenschlucht2 July, 20171
very hard to grade, but probably not 8c as I did it with no chalk at all on the wall
8b+LolitaJailhouse15 October, 20165
hard to onsight, pretty glad to do it. Kneebar intensive. former 8c
8b+LeviathanCalgary /  Acephale5 July, 20183
really wet
8b+N.N.Laste19 July, 20105
8b/b+, but really hard to onsight because of no chalk, 2nd pitch, right route
8b+SilbergeierRatikon27 July, 20075
multipitch,all in one day
8b+Satan eksportHell21 August, 20133
clipping the anchor
8b+WassermusikInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall20 September, 20095
basically on sight, but I had climbed Sempre Secco last year
8b+FalconettiMontsant13 February, 20065
right from hydrophobia,8b??
8b+T1 Full equipBarcelona /  Oliana10 March, 20125
first try a couple of years ago
8b+Generation NextZillertal /  Monkey Island19 August, 20085
8b+BaltzolitaBilbao /  Baltzola14 December, 20150
2nd GO
8b+Viaggio InfinitoRome /  Sperlonga17 December, 20175