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List of routes

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8cLa Chronique de la Haine OrdinaireProvence /  Céüse10 September, 20103
in the darkness with headlamp!
8cSelbst ist das KindVienna /  Adlitzgraben15 March, 20143
A soft one, but after a couple of holds supposedly broke, it might be 8c in its current state. Not an easy onsight.
8cMagin el MagoBarcelona /  Sadernes18 March, 20175
Second 8c onsight a day. The third one was quite close...
8cCharles DarwinMoravský kras18 April, 20075
First Ascent tricky crux+8b
8cRikki-tikky-taviSrbsko19 November, 20155
parto of I had known, part of it onsight
8cConjugal VisitValle de los Cóndores22 November, 20183
First Ascent. 2nd GO what a line, not so nice rock.
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8cVoie ultime 2008Montpellier /  Boffi27 June, 20085
First Ascent 2nd GO
8cStreet FighterOudtshoorn23 July, 20095
2nd GO normal european 8c
8cFrauleinSogn /  Kvam28 June, 20125
2nd GO second ascent, incredible crack climbing which is hard to grade, superb line which can't be missed
8cSundance KidFrankenjura /  Glocke9 September, 20065
8cFish eyeBarcelona /  Oliana21 March, 20115
2nd GO 1st go 2 years ago
8cLe Grand MargalefRue des masques21 July, 20143
Angry after wc in Briancon, felt like walk in the park
8cMatrixNezer Cave28 November, 20173
Steep! hard to say if 8b+ or 8c, something in between
8cLa Signora con la falceSardinia /  Isili4 November, 20075
2nd GO given 8c, maybe 8b+/c?
8cLos Humildes pa CasaBarcelona /  Oliana24 February, 20095
8c for its beauty
8cEstrellaWarmbad31 August, 20205
Probably more of just hard 8c. The first crux is not enough to make it 8c+, and then there are rests that are too good. Amazing route nonetheless!!!
8cMercy StreetInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall13 September, 20085
two moves remained me to on-sight it
8cWelcome to TijuanaRodellar1 July, 20053
good evening cool
8cGuerre d'usureMontpellier /  Claret29 January, 20105
probably easy 8c, but very tricky to onsight
8cstokeSanta Ana22 March, 20133
Second preclipped, 9a clipping the bolt I think. On the way back home, Catalunya was dry and we could climb on the piece of dry rock at least. However, the only two wet holds in the whole area were mine, in 9b project...
8cChri-SuRottachberg23 July, 20163
8b+HérésistanceGrenoble /  Pierrot beach5 August, 20103
8b+Missing linkOsp/Misja Pec27 October, 20053
8b+Gezurren erresumaBilbao /  Valdegobia7 May, 20143
for the end of the day
8b+Straight EdgeFrankenjura /  Maximilianswand7 June, 20085
8b+La gouverne mentaleAvignon /  St Léger19 March, 20175
Finally some wind and better conditions
8b+Comunque dadaArco /  Volta di No15 October, 20183
hard onsight, no chalk, full sun!
8b+Identifacation y placasBarcelona /  Oliana1 February, 20095
so much rain! Desperate! the only one dry route, small satisfaction on my frustration
8b+La trav vers l'étraveAvignon /  St Léger3 February, 20185
8b+Small TalkFrankenjura /  Bärenschlucht10 October, 20095
8b+N.N.Valtournenche8 August, 20123
2nd GO
8b+SilbergeierRatikon27 July, 20075
multipitch,all in one day
8b+Horror vacui L1+L2Falesia dei Ciclopi14 May, 20165
First Ascent first two pitches together.
8b+FalconettiMontsant13 February, 20065
right from hydrophobia,8b??
8b+Rock fucksBarcelona /  Santa Linya11 February, 20155
8b+Generation NextZillertal /  Monkey Island19 August, 20085
8b+In the Middle of NowhereFrankenjura /  Bärenschlucht2 July, 20173
I do not think it is 8c, regular 8b+ to me.
8b+Starec in MorjePazin /  Limski Kanal20 January, 20203
More of an 8b+ than 8c. Video available on my YouTube channel.
8b+ShalomVerona /  Covolo21 April, 20093
8b+QueimadaVillanueva del Rosario13 April, 20115
for the end of the day
8b+A dos bandasSiurana /  La Capella6 March, 20103
2nd GO dangerous if you do not preclip the 2nd bolte as me, but it is cheating otherwise
8b+ZatopekRome /  Sperlonga31 December, 20045
8b+Jacky el perroMalaga /  Cogollos11 March, 20133
short hard route, the only thing dry in Andalucia
8b+N.N.Hlubočepy1 December, 20075
First Ascent slab!,35m, in starting rain
8b+hexenkücheInterlaken /  Gimmelwald20 July, 20165
8b+Rusty NailHerculane15 May, 20185
to finish the day, sharp but nice
8b+NeoGranitgrottan9 August, 20173
kneebar trickery
8b+BobbejaanOudtshoorn23 July, 20095
8b+AitzolMargalef /  Finestra27 July, 20115
not an 8c in my opinion
8b+Mongol partyLabské Údolí22 October, 20063
2nd GO small hold,8b/b+
8b+La ConessioneVerona /  Ceredo9 September, 20155
1st go, Anima mundi part was onsight
8b+I am souris MickeyGrenoble /  La Balme2 August, 20105
8b+Queeeel dich, du SauFrankenjura /  Erinnerungswand9 October, 20055
2nd GO 10/10+,super
8b+Gott gegen Lisa SimpsonVienna /  Adlitzgraben15 March, 20143
Super soft
8b+Via del QuimMargalef / Finestra11 November, 20205
Retro-onsight after many years.
8b+S čistou hlavouMoravský kras24 May, 20085
First Ascent 10+/11-, tricky moves on smooth no holds rock
8b+Le nababAvignon /  St Léger19 March, 20175
8b+Fairy UltraFrankenjura /  Unknown Crag7 October, 20183
Maybe not so hard, but quite tough for onsight
8b+Tete de miaCalanques /  Unknown Crag31 December, 20085
First Ascent 2nd GO just perfect spectacular climbing
8b+Ultra KreuzBismantova22 January, 20183
supposedly 8b+ now with all the broken holds? dont know... Basically onsight, I had known the lower part
8b+N.N.Kalkofen3 October, 20095
8b+Break freeFlatanger7 August, 20125
First Ascent
8b+HasenmonsterFrankenjura /  Amphitheater24 June, 20073
one very sharp pocket
8b+PeyoteroFalesia dei Ciclopi14 May, 20165
First Ascent
8b+Kale borrokaSiurana /  El pati11 February, 20065
8b+Mr. BighandOsp/Misja Pec17 November, 20143
1st go
8b+Robinson CrusoeMoravský kras15 July, 20085
First Ascent 10+/11-
8b+DesasterFrankenjura /  Bärenschlucht2 July, 20175
8b+Hard SunKompanj19 January, 20205
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8b+Angi TodeVerona /  Covolo20 April, 20095
8b+Paper mullatBarcelona /  Oliana24 March, 20115
basically onsight, but had Identificacions before, in the dusk, had sprint before the complete darkness fell
8b+Migranya ProfundaSiurana /  L'olla1 March, 20105
the higher part onsight, had known the lower one
8b+MarionetaOsp/Misja Pec27 October, 20043
8b+Next LevelJaen19 February, 20135
8b+L'EternautaSardinia /  Isili4 November, 20073
First Ascent great but worse rock
8b+Stop sikaSion/SW /  Rawyl17 July, 20165
amazing route, but lets be honest and say this is no 8c
8b+TaifunArco /  Massone24 February, 20183
2nd GO Bolts are back, nice boulderproblem. Hard to say if 8b or 8b+, it was still really dirty
8b+The Angry InchFrankenjura /  Zwergenschloss3 July, 20175
8b+Light Between ShadesFort Fordyce17 July, 20095
First Ascent 2nd GO
8b+Elephant manArco /  Narango27 June, 20115
probably only 8b+
8b+THCLabské Údolí21 October, 20065
very good,edge
8b+L'EremitaArco /  Padaro6 September, 20155
First Ascent New amazing route bolted by Paolo Benvenuti to the left of En Horabuena. Could be 8b+,i don't know.
8b+Coque au VinZillertal /  Bergstation25 July, 20105
8b+KassiopeiaFrankenjura /  Clubbwall23 July, 20053
2nd GO 10/10+
8b+Ingravid SerpsBarcelona /  Santa Linya9 February, 20143
1st go
8b+ImolaFrankenjura /  Pornowand1 May, 20083
on the right
8b+calimba de llunaBarcelona /  Sadernes18 March, 20173
8b+Fit Bird DirectEcho Canyon23 July, 20185
most of it was onsight, but I have seen a few moves, cannot count as onsight
8b+CharasSardinia /  Domusnovas21 October, 20083
First Ascent hard bouldery moves
8b+K Rock radio stationBismantova22 January, 20183
2nd GO some more broken holds, upper end 8b+?
8b+N.N.Kalkofen3 October, 20093
8b+Veien ut av GufsdalenEkne4 July, 20125
Awesome arete climbed in the late evening sunlight. I love Norway.
8b+Papírový měsícLabské Údolí17 June, 20073
original way,maybe 8b+/c(given 8c+)
8b+VamaSan Vito lo Capo /  Unknown Crag8 May, 20163
First Ascent 2nd GO Have no clue about grade. Felt hard that humid day
8b+RenegoideSiurana /  Can Piqui Pugui10 February, 20065
2nd GO nicely technical
8b+KarizmaOsp/Misja Pec17 November, 20145
retro onsight
8b+KommunistInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall13 July, 20083
so pumped!
8b+N.N.Arco /  Unknown Crag31 May, 20173
after broken hold?
8b+SikadeliaValle de los Cóndores20 November, 20185
First Ascent
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8b+GhegoroVerona /  Covolo20 April, 20093
big fight, some broken holds, very solid 8b+ now