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List of routes

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8b+MimikrySrbsko11 October, 20155
new sector that has just been opened. Overhangs in CZ!
8b+NachossFlatanger16 September, 20171
First Ascent 2nd GO start like Litt pa Kanten (which is broken now, got a bit harder for sure) and then straight up. A candidate for the worst route in the cave. Only 3 projects left in the cave!
8b+Jen pro stare bojovnikyMoravský kras16 September, 20095
First Ascent good new line
8b+Kale borrokaSiurana /  El pati11 February, 20065
8b+Flash overMargalef /  Finestra30 July, 20115
8b+MarionetaOsp/Misja Pec27 October, 20043
8b+HérésistanceGrenoble /  Pierrot beach5 August, 20103
8b+L'EternautaSardinia /  Isili4 November, 20073
First Ascent great but worse rock
8b+Gezurren erresumaBilbao /  Valdegobia7 May, 20143
for the end of the day
8b+La gouverne mentaleAvignon /  St Léger19 March, 20175
Finally some wind and better conditions
8b+Comunque dadaArco /  Volta di No15 October, 20183
hard onsight, no chalk, full sun!
8b+Identifacation y placasBarcelona /  Oliana1 February, 20095
so much rain! Desperate! the only one dry route, small satisfaction on my frustration
8b+La trav vers l'étraveAvignon /  St Léger3 February, 20185
8b+Les Massey FergusonCalanques / Grotte de l'ours29 December, 20203
World's first 8b+ onsight by Elie Chevieux in 1995! I do not think it had been onsighted again.
8b+Small TalkFrankenjura /  Bärenschlucht10 October, 20095
8b+THCLabské Údolí21 October, 20065
very good,edge
8b+N.N.Valtournenche8 August, 20123
2nd GO
8b+Horror vacui L1+L2Falesia dei Ciclopi14 May, 20165
First Ascent first two pitches together.
8b+KassiopeiaFrankenjura /  Clubbwall23 July, 20053
2nd GO 10/10+
8b+QueimadaVillanueva del Rosario13 April, 20115
for the end of the day
8b+ImolaFrankenjura /  Pornowand1 May, 20083
on the right
8b+Rock fucksBarcelona /  Santa Linya11 February, 20155
8b+In the Middle of NowhereFrankenjura /  Bärenschlucht2 July, 20173
I do not think it is 8c, regular 8b+ to me.
8b+Starec in MorjePazin /  Limski Kanal20 January, 20203
More of an 8b+ than 8c. Video available on my YouTube channel.
8b+ShalomVerona /  Covolo21 April, 20093
8b+Rusty NailHerculane15 May, 20185
to finish the day, sharp but nice
8b+A dos bandasSiurana /  La Capella6 March, 20103
2nd GO dangerous if you do not preclip the 2nd bolte as me, but it is cheating otherwise
8b+Papírový měsícLabské Údolí17 June, 20073
original way,maybe 8b+/c(given 8c+)
8b+Jacky el perroMalaga /  Cogollos11 March, 20133
short hard route, the only thing dry in Andalucia
8b+hexenkücheInterlaken /  Gimmelwald20 July, 20165
8b+KommunistInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall13 July, 20083
so pumped!
8b+La ConessioneVerona /  Ceredo9 September, 20155
1st go, Anima mundi part was onsight
8b+NeoGranitgrottan9 August, 20173
kneebar trickery
8b+BobbejaanOudtshoorn23 July, 20095
8b+RenegoideSiurana /  Can Piqui Pugui10 February, 20065
2nd GO nicely technical
8b+AitzolMargalef /  Finestra27 July, 20115
not an 8c in my opinion
8b+GlutamanMoravský kras16 September, 20043
8b+I am souris MickeyGrenoble /  La Balme2 August, 20105
8b+Lost & FoundFrankenjura /  Pornowand12 August, 20073
possible to on-sight
8b+Gott gegen Lisa SimpsonVienna /  Adlitzgraben15 March, 20143
Super soft
8b+Le nababAvignon /  St Léger19 March, 20175
8b+Fairy UltraFrankenjura /  Unknown Crag7 October, 20183
Maybe not so hard, but quite tough for onsight
8b+Tete de miaCalanques /  Unknown Crag31 December, 20085
First Ascent 2nd GO just perfect spectacular climbing
8b+Ultra KreuzBismantova22 January, 20183
supposedly 8b+ now with all the broken holds? dont know... Basically onsight, I had known the lower part
8b+PepitoCalanques / Grotte de l'ours30 December, 20203
2nd GO. In the guidebook it is 8a+, it is fair to say it is brutally sandbagged. Solid 8b+ i think.
8b+N.N.Kalkofen3 October, 20095
8b+TrinityFrankenjura /  Magdalenenwand1 October, 20065
2nd GO 10/10+,sharp but nice
8b+Break freeFlatanger7 August, 20125
First Ascent
8b+PeyoteroFalesia dei Ciclopi14 May, 20165
First Ascent
8b+Smith & WessonFrankenjura /  Alter Freund & Hungenberger Wand16 July, 20055
2nd GO
8b+Paper mullatBarcelona /  Oliana24 March, 20115
basically onsight, but had Identificacions before, in the dusk, had sprint before the complete darkness fell
8b+Force viveBaume les dames19 February, 20083
8b+Mr. BighandOsp/Misja Pec17 November, 20143
1st go
8b+DesasterFrankenjura /  Bärenschlucht2 July, 20175
8b+Hard SunKompanj19 January, 20205
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8b+Angi TodeVerona /  Covolo20 April, 20095
8b+TaifunArco /  Massone24 February, 20183
2nd GO Bolts are back, nice boulderproblem. Hard to say if 8b or 8b+, it was still really dirty
8b+Migranya ProfundaSiurana /  L'olla1 March, 20105
the higher part onsight, had known the lower one
8b+Čarodějův učeňHolštejn10 March, 20075
2 years
8b+Next LevelJaen19 February, 20135
8b+Stop sikaSion/SW /  Rawyl17 July, 20165
amazing route, but lets be honest and say this is no 8c
8b+Least ResistanceInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall6 July, 20085
despite of being tired after long trip I was suddenly at the anchor, maybe my the best OS untill date
8b+L'EremitaArco /  Padaro6 September, 20155
First Ascent New amazing route bolted by Paolo Benvenuti to the left of En Horabuena. Could be 8b+,i don't know.
8b+The Angry InchFrankenjura /  Zwergenschloss3 July, 20175
8b+Light Between ShadesFort Fordyce17 July, 20095
First Ascent 2nd GO
8b+La Llarga traversia del capita enciamSiurana /  Can Famal9 February, 20065
8b+Elephant manArco /  Narango27 June, 20115
probably only 8b+
8b+CharasSardinia /  Domusnovas21 October, 20083
First Ascent hard bouldery moves
8b+Bu-bu-buMoravský kras28 July, 20045
8b+Coque au VinZillertal /  Bergstation25 July, 20105
8b+Catch me if you canFrankenjura /  Catch Me Wandl & Zauppenberger Wand12 August, 20075
2nd GO nice tricky climbing
8b+Ingravid SerpsBarcelona /  Santa Linya9 February, 20143
1st go
8b+calimba de llunaBarcelona /  Sadernes18 March, 20173
8b+Fit Bird DirectEcho Canyon23 July, 20185
most of it was onsight, but I have seen a few moves, cannot count as onsight
8b+VamaSan Vito lo Capo /  Unknown Crag8 May, 20163
First Ascent 2nd GO Have no clue about grade. Felt hard that humid day
8b+K Rock radio stationBismantova22 January, 20183
2nd GO some more broken holds, upper end 8b+?
8b+N.N.Kalkofen3 October, 20093
8b+Spine of GodFrankenjura /  Trockauer Wand10 September, 20063
2nd GO
8b+Veien ut av GufsdalenEkne4 July, 20125
Awesome arete climbed in the late evening sunlight. I love Norway.
8b+Manureva à gaucheGorges Du Tarn7 July, 20053
2nd GO Bouldery
8b+N.N. (extension of 8b)Bilbao /  Etxauri7 March, 20115
almost in the dark
8b+La mocosaBarcelona /  Terradets3 February, 20085
8b+KarizmaOsp/Misja Pec17 November, 20145
retro onsight
8b+N.N.Arco /  Unknown Crag31 May, 20173
after broken hold?
8b+SikadeliaValle de los Cóndores20 November, 20185
First Ascent
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8b+GhegoroVerona /  Covolo20 April, 20093
big fight, some broken holds, very solid 8b+ now
8b+La hyeneAvignon /  St Léger16 February, 20183
big fight in tzhe morning humidity
8b+ElzevirMontpellier /  Claret29 January, 20105
The end of the day, dream day and also the only good day of the trip... grr...
8b+Desafiando a NewtonBarcelona /  Alquezar12 February, 20073
big overhang,very artifficial,L2
8b+TotemCuenca10 February, 20135
given 8c, but hard to grade. One specific crux, which is not that hard especially if you are tall
8b+Paradis artificielSion/SW /  Rawyl16 July, 20165
not the real 8c, let's admit it.
8b+N.N.Montpellier /  Boffi27 June, 20085
on left of the juniors Ultimate route
8b+Tro på miraklerHell31 August, 20155
8b+ZentrifugeFrankenjura /  Zwergenschloss3 July, 20171
partly onsight
8b+RockyFort Fordyce17 July, 20093
First Ascent
8b+NoiAndonno2 January, 20065
8b+Io con voi non gioco piuCimbergo26 June, 20113
First Ascent 2nd GO maybe 8c, bouldery, but fantastic rock once again
8b+GlückshormonInnsbruck /  Ötztal28 September, 20083
8b+Via del QuimMargalef / Finestra11 November, 20205
Retro-onsight after many years.
8b+Baby BasherKochel4 June, 20043
Aged 11, I did my first 8b+ in Kochel, Germany. May 2004.
Video available on my YouTube channel.