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List of routes

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8b+The Angry InchFrankenjura /  Zwergenschloss3 July, 20175
8b+Light Between ShadesFort Fordyce17 July, 20095
First Ascent 2nd GO
8b+Elephant manArco /  Narango27 June, 20115
probably only 8b+
8b+Super tapathorNice /  La Turbie1 January, 20075
2nd GO quite on-sight Patathor 8b
8b+L'EremitaArco /  Padaro6 September, 20155
First Ascent New amazing route bolted by Paolo Benvenuti to the left of En Horabuena. Could be 8b+,i don't know.
8b+Ingravid SerpsBarcelona /  Santa Linya9 February, 20143
1st go
8b+Straight EdgeFrankenjura /  Maximilianswand7 June, 20085
8b+calimba de llunaBarcelona /  Sadernes18 March, 20173
8b+Fit Bird DirectEcho Canyon23 July, 20185
most of it was onsight, but I have seen a few moves, cannot count as onsight
8b+CharasSardinia /  Domusnovas21 October, 20083
First Ascent hard bouldery moves
8b+Coque au VinZillertal /  Bergstation25 July, 20105
8b+Missing linkOsp/Misja Pec27 October, 20053
8b+N.N.Kalkofen3 October, 20093
8b+Veien ut av GufsdalenEkne4 July, 20125
Awesome arete climbed in the late evening sunlight. I love Norway.
8b+SilbergeierRatikon27 July, 20075
multipitch,all in one day
8b+VamaSan Vito lo Capo /  Unknown Crag8 May, 20163
First Ascent 2nd GO Have no clue about grade. Felt hard that humid day
8b+K Rock radio stationBismantova22 January, 20183
2nd GO some more broken holds, upper end 8b+?
8bLes légendes du gardAvignon /  Seynes21 February, 20095
8b/b+ I think
8bLa Guerra dei Gradivilla nuova15 December, 20135
one glued hold, but fantastic route and location
8bFlash enemigoSiurana /  Negociee13 March, 20105
sweet route to celebrate Golpe
8bSejit z cestyMoravský kras1 May, 20163
First Ascent
8bCrystalFrankenjura /  Clubbwall23 July, 20055
2nd GO maybe 10-/10
8bHairball directCalgary /  Acephale1 July, 20183
First Ascent 2nd GO I am wondering how it is possible that it has not been done yet? fell off my onsight try on the top when it was totally dirty
8bPaní Zima expresMoravský kras18 October, 20065
First Ascent 10-/10
8bZero Effort ClimbingPfalz /  Unknown Crag24 June, 20083
8bBig bangGrenoble /  La Balme3 August, 20103
8bLa RéserveAvignon /  St Léger30 December, 20073
direct way
8bKariesOsp/Misja Pec23 November, 20083
2nd GO in dark, 1st try 3 years ago
8bMassih AttackFlatanger28 July, 20125
Best rock on the Earth!
8bFiese LuiseFrankenjura /  Luisenwand12 September, 20095
typical Frankenjura beauty!
8bMarco GelatoArco /  Terra Promessa4 September, 20151
Retro onsight after many years
8bA bout de soufflePeillon16 March, 20053
8bCronicaSiurana /  Unknown Crag15 March, 20173
8bRamadanSiurana /  Siuranella Est12 February, 20065
1 boulder
8bN.N.Eguino5 May, 20145
amazing white rock
8bTotally Free IIMalham29 April, 20105
8bLord hovenFlatanger6 July, 20163
First Ascent to the left of Steinapen, direct finish
8bNightmareFrankenjura /  Eldorado14 August, 20053
8bProgetto TriboutArco /  Terra Promessa3 September, 20195
quite happy to insight this bouldery beast
8bBlomuBarcelona /  Santa Linya5 February, 20073
my bithday,L2
8bChaosInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall14 September, 20085
climbed first pitch before
8bOmbre RossoVerona /  Lumignano19 November, 20103
Wondering I have ever climbed harder 8b...
8bGaiaKalymnos /  Odyssey22 May, 20093
8bFlipperFrankenjura /  Moby Dick13 April, 20081
2nd GO powerful bouldering on monos
8bLa colonne d'HerculeAvignon /  Seynes24 January, 20093
8bTrue LoveRed River Gorge (KY) /  Gold Coast7 November, 20125
8bNočna kronikaOsp/Misja Pec17 November, 20093
2nd GO 1st go in 2004
8bKankánSrbsko19 November, 20151
First Ascent
8bTransylvaniaKochel5 June, 20053
a few strange moves
8bLes abdominablesAvignon /  St Léger16 February, 20183
2nd GO I slipped off the wet pocket on my onsight
8bsoul sacrificeNice /  Gorges du Loup11 July, 20065
with luck,nice
8bN.N.Laste19 July, 20105
8bOverhaulJailhouse15 October, 20163
8bDračí krevMoravský kras11 September, 20053
8bToruk MaktuPandora24 January, 20203
8bÚtěkLabské Údolí17 June, 20075
OS new part
8bHotel Supramontegorropu18 October, 20085
what a route! climbed with Pietro dal Pra, the pitches are not as hard as claimed in my opinion, but as so many climbers did not object (or better changed)about the grade, I keep it like this...
8bN.N.Arco /  Unknown Crag27 June, 20113
total fatique
8bSevenOudtshoorn24 July, 20093
8bChiquitaOsp/Misja Pec17 November, 20145
retro onsight
8bKašpárkův hrob.Moravský kras13 July, 20043
8bN.N.Avignon /  Seynes21 February, 20095
8bNagells Drømmedieder extensionFlatanger1 August, 20135
First Ascent bolted on quick for active restday
8blost the guidebookAvignon /  Seynes28 February, 20101
start on the right of Tube Neural
8bN.N.Arco /  Unknown Crag7 March, 20165
knew just a few starting moves, the rest onsight
8bStoney RoadFrankenjura /  Alter Freund & Hungenberger Wand16 July, 20053
8bEndless SummerCalgary /  Acephale30 June, 20185
this crag is pretty hard to onsight!
8bOhne Wenn und AberFrankenjura /  Unknown Crag30 September, 20063
2nd GO maybe 10-
8bSiempre SecoInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall15 June, 20085
8bLa voie lactéeGrenoble /  La Balme2 August, 20103
second part is hard!
8bRaticulinSiurana /  Can Famal8 February, 20063
2nd GO old style
8bBitka s stalaktitiOsp/Misja Pec26 November, 20075
8bRio de JanvierCalanques / Grotte de l'ours29 December, 20203
Really nice even though chipped.
8bOsapska mumijaOsp/Misja Pec23 November, 20083
with hadlamp, such fun!
8bRadote jolie pépèreProvence /  Céüse5 June, 20123
8bLinie 1Frankenjura /  Zwergenschloss30 August, 20095
8bMezzo e MezzoArco /  Padaro4 September, 20153
8bDas bootPeillon16 March, 20055
8b402Margalef /  Unknown Crag9 March, 20170
8bYahoiZillertal /  Gschlössl3 May, 20095
8bOngi etorriBilbao /  Baltzola4 May, 20145
8bMagnetic FieldsMalham29 April, 20105
8bSteinapen L2Flatanger3 July, 20161
First Ascent 2nd GO Have no clue about the grade,it is basically one kneebarmove. Maybe easier. Kneepad recommended.
8bPrimeur de LuxeFrankenjura /  Kuhkirchner Wand13 August, 20055
2nd GO 10/10+
8bViejo ReculiaoValle de los Cóndores20 November, 20185
Amazing compression.
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8bSanta LinyaBarcelona /  Santa Linya4 February, 20073
quite nice
8bGravity gamesArco /  Unknown Crag7 September, 20081
chipped as shit, FA in 1986, just final jug is completely natural
8bKrabatHolštejn, Mor.kras17 November, 20105
First Ascent 2nd GO
8bPati pa miSiurana /  El pati11 February, 20085
8bLiaisons dangereusesCalanques /  Unknown Crag3 January, 20093
8bGod's Own StoneRed River Gorge (KY) /  Gold Coast2 November, 20125
higher end 8b
8bSreča vrtniceOsp/Misja Pec17 November, 20093
2 goes in 2004 and 2005
8bHappy hourZillertal /  Unknown Crag4 October, 20155
1st go
8bHänsel ohne GretelFrankenjura /  Holzgauer Wand21 May, 20055
2nd GO crux at start
8bLindbergBismantova22 January, 20183
8bDecotcochonRodellar8 July, 20063
8bMarlboro rosseGressoney14 July, 20105
on the right, crimpy start
8bHypoxiaBystricka dolina16 August, 20165
fell off the 9a project extension on the very top due to broken hold. Good crag with potential for hard routes
8bUnderdogFrankenjura /  Pölze6 September, 20053
long story,jeaah
8b90 daysPandora24 January, 20205