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List of routes

Try to type YouTube!
8b+hexenkücheInterlaken /  Gimmelwald20 July, 20165
8b+En voie dure SimoneAvignon /  St Léger3 January, 20085
8b+/c and originally 8c?, fought as hell
8b+Rusty NailHerculane15 May, 20185
to finish the day, sharp but nice
8b+A dos bandasSiurana /  La Capella6 March, 20103
2nd GO dangerous if you do not preclip the 2nd bolte as me, but it is cheating otherwise
8b+NeoGranitgrottan9 August, 20173
kneebar trickery
8b+BobbejaanOudtshoorn23 July, 20095
8b+AitzolMargalef /  Finestra27 July, 20115
not an 8c in my opinion
8b+La ConessioneVerona /  Ceredo9 September, 20155
1st go, Anima mundi part was onsight
8b+El koalaBarcelona /  Santa Linya5 February, 20075
my birthday,never 8c
8b+Gott gegen Lisa SimpsonVienna /  Adlitzgraben15 March, 20143
Super soft
8b+HyaenaFinale /  Monte Sordo / Alveare27 December, 20055
8b+Le nababAvignon /  St Léger19 March, 20175
8b+HELIUMInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall15 June, 20080
bouldery but pretty good, maybe more 8b
8b+Fairy UltraFrankenjura /  Unknown Crag7 October, 20183
Maybe not so hard, but quite tough for onsight
8b+Les Massey FergusonCalanques / Grotte de l'ours29 December, 20203
World's first 8b+ onsight by Elie Chevieux in 1995! I do not think it had been onsighted again.
8b+Tete de miaCalanques /  Unknown Crag31 December, 20085
First Ascent 2nd GO just perfect spectacular climbing
8b+I am souris MickeyGrenoble /  La Balme2 August, 20105
8bLahko noč, IrenaOsp/Misja Pec28 October, 20045
8bHexenkesselZillertal /  Bachhexe24 July, 20103
1.go, traverse and 8a, did it twice
8bSadomasoArco /  Padaro7 December, 20163
Dec 21
8bMatičkov svetOsp/Misja Pec29 October, 20055
about easier
8bPrinz AlbertInnsbruck /  Bürs18 October, 20205
Margalef long endurance style
8bEuphorieZürich /  Voralpsee24 July, 20075
8bsangue di thorSardinia /  Domusnovas21 October, 20083
given 8b+, can be easy 8b+ or a bit hard 8b
8bParsifalTetto di Sarre13 July, 20111
8bFortunaInnsbruck /  Nassereith11 August, 20093
8bCodigo NorteBarcelona /  Santa Linya11 February, 20153
8bMekkaPfalz /  Unknown Crag24 June, 20083
direkt is hard!
8bLe chirurgien du crépusculeProvence /  Céüse8 September, 20105
2nd GO first try in summer when I was really exhausted
8bPicos PardosBarcelona /  Oliana22 February, 20095
8bZona 30Margalef /  Laboratori28 January, 20143
8bPlasmon directCIVIDATE3 April, 20105
8bSkalaVisnove4 May, 20161
8bAkiraFrankenjura /  Schlaraffenland27 July, 20051
10-/10but hard
8bDonnerkuppelFrankenjura /  Unknown Crag7 October, 20185
retro onsight
8bCerkoVipavska Bela12 November, 20065
8bCompaneroArco /  Bassilandia28 April, 20175
8bEl domino del gusanoSiurana /  Unknown Crag12 February, 20063
2nd GO quite on-sight
8bLe Mur des 6 ClopesAvignon /  St Léger31 December, 20075
maybe again 8b+? jugs
8bKečupRoviště21 December, 20083
First Ascent 2nd GO
8bN.N.Valtournenche8 August, 20123
8bDer lange Weg zum Weißbier von rechtsInnsbruck /  Geisterschmiedwand4 October, 20095
good one
8bCamomillaPal Picollo13 September, 20155
First Ascent 1st pitch, the rest is an amazing 9a project, unfortunately did not send that one that day
8bAbregeniefAvignon /  St Léger24 March, 20051
2nd GO
8bSpartan WallKalymnos /  Spartan Wall24 May, 20095
8bHappyBilbao /  Valdegobia7 May, 20141
8bMandelaKilnsey3 May, 20105
8bDumpster MasterFlatanger7 July, 20165
First Ascent amazing route to the right of Paltergeist. Link up of Paltergeist and this one is Dumpster Diver 8a+.
8bNejslabsí,máte padákaLabské údolí27 August, 20055
8bSteinfederVienna /  Höllental1 October, 20195
epically good! 8b/b+
8bOmpah-pahSiurana /  L'olla7 February, 20075
small holds
8bMrtvaški plesOsp/Misja Pec10 April, 2004
3rd try
8bOh Captain, my CaptainInnsbruck /  Geisterschmiedwand30 September, 20085
8bCzekajac na GodoffaDolina Kluczwody4 December, 20105
2nd GO -7 degrees...
8bSyndrom BuraninMoravský kras18 July, 20063
First Ascent finally
8bCastorFrankenjura /  Klagemauer20 April, 20083
8bLes brigades du chibreAvignon /  Seynes24 January, 20095
8bKriptoniteTetto di Sarre18 April, 20133
warm up for Ground Zero 9a, which was CLOSE. DAMN.
8bEaglesOsp/Misja Pec17 November, 20093
2nd GO 1st go in 2004
8bExtension Niu de XutBarcelona /  Santa Linya17 February, 20163
2nd GO first try many years ago
8bRussiansKochel5 June, 20055
2nd GO 1 hard move
8bla diagonale dubockAvignon /  St Léger16 February, 20185
1st try, but did "Chipolatas" before, so no onsight. more 8b I think.
8bThe EmperorBaviaanskloof25 July, 20095
First Ascent amazing! maybe 8b+
8bHypotenuseInterlaken /  Charmey13 December, 20143
8bCesta velkého mečeMoravský kras1 September, 20043
First Ascent 8a+/b,
8bN.N.Laste19 July, 20105
no chalk, 2nd pitch, left route
8bSono IndifferenteArco /  Padaro7 December, 20165
Dec 21
8bRiesenslalom direktFrankenjura /  Püttlacher Wand7 October, 20053
2nd GO strange
8bPacemakerZillertal /  Monkey Island13 July, 20200
Amazing one!
8bAmazonasZürich /  Voralpsee24 July, 20075
in my opinion harder than euphorie
8bil tiranno dei mondiSardinia /  Domusnovas21 October, 20085
8bN.N.Arco /  Unknown Crag27 June, 20111
8bZero Effort ClimbingPfalz /  Unknown Crag24 June, 20083
8bBig bangGrenoble /  La Balme3 August, 20103
8bLes légendes du gardAvignon /  Seynes21 February, 20095
8b/b+ I think
8bLa Guerra dei Gradivilla nuova15 December, 20135
one glued hold, but fantastic route and location
8bFlash enemigoSiurana /  Negociee13 March, 20105
sweet route to celebrate Golpe
8bSejit z cestyMoravský kras1 May, 20163
First Ascent
8bCrystalFrankenjura /  Clubbwall23 July, 20055
2nd GO maybe 10-/10
8bHairball directCalgary /  Acephale1 July, 20183
First Ascent 2nd GO I am wondering how it is possible that it has not been done yet? fell off my onsight try on the top when it was totally dirty
8bPaní Zima expresMoravský kras18 October, 20065
First Ascent 10-/10
8bCronicaSiurana /  Unknown Crag15 March, 20173
8bRamadanSiurana /  Siuranella Est12 February, 20065
1 boulder
8bLa RéserveAvignon /  St Léger30 December, 20073
direct way
8bKariesOsp/Misja Pec23 November, 20083
2nd GO in dark, 1st try 3 years ago
8bMassih AttackFlatanger28 July, 20125
Best rock on the Earth!
8bFiese LuiseFrankenjura /  Luisenwand12 September, 20095
typical Frankenjura beauty!
8bMarco GelatoArco /  Terra Promessa4 September, 20151
Retro onsight after many years
8bA bout de soufflePeillon16 March, 20053
8bGaiaKalymnos /  Odyssey22 May, 20093
8bN.N.Eguino5 May, 20145
amazing white rock
8bTotally Free IIMalham29 April, 20105
8bLord hovenFlatanger6 July, 20163
First Ascent to the left of Steinapen, direct finish
8bNightmareFrankenjura /  Eldorado14 August, 20053
8bProgetto TriboutArco /  Terra Promessa3 September, 20195
quite happy to insight this bouldery beast
8bBlomuBarcelona /  Santa Linya5 February, 20073
my bithday,L2
8bChaosInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall14 September, 20085
climbed first pitch before
8bOmbre RossoVerona /  Lumignano19 November, 20103
Wondering I have ever climbed harder 8b...
8bsoul sacrificeNice /  Gorges du Loup11 July, 20065
with luck,nice
8bFlipperFrankenjura /  Moby Dick13 April, 20081
2nd GO powerful bouldering on monos