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List of routes

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8b+Il MaratonetaZadar /  Paklenica20 July, 20205
really happy to have onsighted this legendary route by Manolo! One of the hardest at that time, and still hard
8b+NadirKalymnos /  Odyssey23 May, 20095
awesome, one of the best hard routes there
8b+Queeeel dich, du SauFrankenjura /  Erinnerungswand9 October, 20055
2nd GO 10/10+,super
8b+orujitoMalaga /  Archidona23 April, 20115
final route of the trip...
8b+S čistou hlavouMoravský kras24 May, 20085
First Ascent 10+/11-, tricky moves on smooth no holds rock
8b+MilleniumOsp/Misja Pec26 April, 20151
easy, fell many years in the onsight, now broke a foothold, and had to give it another go
8b+HasenmonsterFrankenjura /  Amphitheater24 June, 20073
one very sharp pocket
8b+AnitaJaen3 May, 20135
8b+TrümmelbachInterlaken /  Gimmelwald3 October, 20165
8b+The ShineCalgary /  Acephale1 July, 20181
8b+SkaterboyLabské Údolí18 April, 20103
2nd GO specific, friction and skin dependant, both was bad...
8b+Jen pro stare bojovnikyMoravský kras16 September, 20095
First Ascent good new line
8b+Kale borrokaSiurana /  El pati11 February, 20065
8b+Flash overMargalef /  Finestra30 July, 20115
8b+Robinson CrusoeMoravský kras15 July, 20085
First Ascent 10+/11-
8b+MimikrySrbsko11 October, 20155
new sector that has just been opened. Overhangs in CZ!
8b+NachossFlatanger16 September, 20171
First Ascent 2nd GO start like Litt pa Kanten (which is broken now, got a bit harder for sure) and then straight up. A candidate for the worst route in the cave. Only 3 projects left in the cave!
8bRadote jolie pépèreProvence /  Céüse5 June, 20123
8bGhettoblasterFrankenjura /  Rabenfels9 August, 20065
not easy,classic from wolfgang
8bMezzo e MezzoArco /  Padaro4 September, 20153
8bEvoluceMoravský kras9 May, 20041
8bCol BluArco /  Climax14 May, 20085
nice connection, 7th May
8b402Margalef /  Unknown Crag9 March, 20170
8bBatikMargalef /  Raco de la Espedellas25 January, 20093
8bJediMilano /  CORNALBA3 January, 20105
8bLes ChacalsRodellar5 July, 20053
a few boulders
8bViejo ReculiaoValle de los Cóndores20 November, 20185
Amazing compression.
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8bOdysseusInnsbruck /  Nassereith12 August, 20095
8bMatrixOsp/Misja Pec30 October, 20041
8bKrabatHolštejn, Mor.kras17 November, 20105
First Ascent 2nd GO
8bvoyage au bout de la nuitPeillon31 December, 20053
wet,horrible overhanging
8bOngi etorriBilbao /  Baltzola4 May, 20145
8bMordillo VerlängerungZürich /  Voralpsee3 August, 20075
"OS",I climbed Amazonas before (same start)
8bSteinapen L2Flatanger3 July, 20161
First Ascent 2nd GO Have no clue about the grade,it is basically one kneebarmove. Maybe easier. Kneepad recommended.
8bgamma citronNice /  Gorges du Loup27 October, 20085
8bCizí objevMoravský kras25 November, 20065
First Ascent 10-/10,nice moves
8bHappy hourZillertal /  Unknown Crag4 October, 20155
1st go
8bCool your foot manInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall6 July, 20083
2nd GO slipped under the first bolt during OS
8bLindbergBismantova22 January, 20183
8bOutsiderMilano /  CORNALBA21 March, 20095
8bIl DannoCIVIDATE3 April, 20103
8bMorlock-SchockerFrankenjura /  Schlaraffenland27 July, 20053
hard moves under last bolt
8bGod's Own StoneRed River Gorge (KY) /  Gold Coast2 November, 20125
higher end 8b
8bSubwayFrankenjura /  Bärenschlucht10 October, 20093
2nd GO first try five years ago
8bUmělá žena BarbaraMoravský kras3 April, 20053
8bIo o TePaline24 June, 20113
I sucked after plastic training
8bHidrofobiaMontsant13 February, 20065
not 8b+,cool
8bPikova damaOsp/Misja Pec17 November, 20143
retro onsight
8bEmpty RoomsBaume les dames1 February, 20085
8bHypoxiaBystricka dolina16 August, 20165
fell off the 9a project extension on the very top due to broken hold. Good crag with potential for hard routes
8bRealizaceRoviště21 December, 20083
basically flash, had climbed climbed one third of the route many years ago
8b90 daysPandora24 January, 20205
8bBrujoBarcelona /  Sadernes21 February, 20161
8bRose der ZeitInnsbruck /  Geisterschmiedwand30 September, 20085
8bCatch upHerculane16 May, 20183
First Ascent
8bLes Arts Du VideKalymnos /  Sikati Cave25 May, 20095
8bDu lard St d'espritGrenoble /  La Balme2 August, 20101
8bFull TiltKilnsey3 May, 20105
so close to onsight True North 8c...
8bNemaj BojMoravský kras30 August, 20051
conection,quite hard
8bWaliserne kommer og kommerFlatanger26 July, 20135
1st go, but I knew the lower 7b+, another fantastic route in the cave, thanks Eric
8bBad boySiurana /  Salt de la reina mora9 February, 20075
technical,rest day .-)))
8bEnergia=mc²Arco /  Nomesino8 April, 20125
8bMikrowelleFrankenjura /  Glawewand7 August, 20065
8bFine di un'EpocaArco /  Padaro4 September, 20155
8bMrtvaški plesOsp/Misja Pec10 April, 2004
3rd try
8bDead LineFrankenjura /  Klagemauer20 April, 20083
8bRemigiusInnsbruck /  Achleiten7 December, 20160
2nd GO Dec 16
8bLe pays sans frontière longAvignon /  Seynes24 January, 20095
Does the extension make it really harder?
8bTi che te tacche, tacchete!PREDORE27 December, 20095
First Ascent
8bPlan BFrankenjura /  Zwergenschloss10 June, 20055
8bInfragrantiValle de los Cóndores20 November, 20185
First Ascent
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8bFortunaInnsbruck /  Nassereith11 August, 20093
8bLahko noč, IrenaOsp/Misja Pec28 October, 20045
8bBravo Les FillesTsaranoro Valley7 October, 20103
8bHexenkesselZillertal /  Bachhexe24 July, 20103
1.go, traverse and 8a, did it twice
8bMatičkov svetOsp/Misja Pec29 October, 20055
about easier
8bBlack Tooth GrinArco /  Nago18 April, 20143
8bEuphorieZürich /  Voralpsee24 July, 20075
8bPappataciArco /  Bus de la Stria15 May, 20165
There must be one tufa missing at the begining. Now it is super morpho and some more breaking possible.
8bsangue di thorSardinia /  Domusnovas21 October, 20083
given 8b+, can be easy 8b+ or a bit hard 8b
8bCerkoVipavska Bela12 November, 20065
8bDopaminZillertal /  Bergstation4 October, 20155
8bMekkaPfalz /  Unknown Crag24 June, 20083
direkt is hard!
8bFiorirossaBismantova22 January, 20183
historical piece of rock
8bPicos PardosBarcelona /  Oliana22 February, 20095
8bPlasmon directCIVIDATE3 April, 20105
8bAkiraFrankenjura /  Schlaraffenland27 July, 20051
10-/10but hard
8bThug LineRed River Gorge (KY) /  Unknown Crag25 October, 20121
Oh no, Hadn't known it was as chipped...
8bDer lange Weg zum Weißbier von rechtsInnsbruck /  Geisterschmiedwand4 October, 20095
good one
8bAbregeniefAvignon /  St Léger24 March, 20051
2nd GO
8bOvercraftSanta Ana14 March, 20113
8bEl domino del gusanoSiurana /  Unknown Crag12 February, 20063
2nd GO quite on-sight
8bGracelandZillertal /  Unknown Crag3 August, 20143
8bLe Mur des 6 ClopesAvignon /  St Léger31 December, 20075
maybe again 8b+? jugs
8bHellig krigHell2 August, 20163
2 hours just before the flight
8bKečupRoviště21 December, 20083
First Ascent 2nd GO
8bAvatarPandora23 January, 20205
8bSamadhiBarcelona /  Sadernes21 February, 20163
8bOh Captain, my CaptainInnsbruck /  Geisterschmiedwand30 September, 20085
8bBlack CobraHerculane13 May, 20185
given 8a+, it is amazing, but very morpho - I agree that if you are very tall, it ccould be 8a+, but average grade 8b makes more sense to me