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List of routes

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8bZbytky nad zvratkyMoravský kras26 November, 20065
First Ascent great moves
8bModré kruhyMoravský kras3 August, 20085
second ascent after years, very mysterious route
8bThe Black BeanProvence /  Céüse10 September, 20105
including the start, why should that be 8b+ only because it's 70 meters long?
8bMochoErto19 April, 20095
route of dreams!
8bCatenaccio im GattenaccioVienna /  Adlitzgraben15 March, 20145
Like an onsight, tried ten years ago and bailed out at second bolt. Sharp, but nice one. HARD
8bRastataCalanques /  Grotte de l'ours27 December, 20081
8bSuper ChargerRed River Gorge (KY) /  Drive by25 October, 20125
one of the best featured rock in the world
8bIl VerboSardinia /  Domusnovas22 October, 20090
hard onsight, no chalk and invisible small crimps
8bpersona non grataZillertal /  Bergstation4 October, 20155
8bLand of ConfusionFrankenjura /  Emporwand24 April, 20055
2nd GO 10/10+
8bLuna ParkNezer Cave3 December, 20175
Using the hole for as long as you want, I do not think it is more than hard 8b. amazing climbing anyway!
8bGolpe de gasBarcelona /  Terradets17 February, 20060
8bLa ruta del solBarcelona /  Santa Linya7 February, 20085
8bRaininiKompanj19 January, 20205
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8bSexhibitionBarcelona /  Alquezar12 February, 20073
quite hard
8bKillerFrankenjura /  Schüttersmühler Wand11 October, 20085
2nd GO absolutely brilliant, first try 4 years ago
8bNoaBarcelona /  Alquezar9 March, 20113
8bKalymnostrobe ExtKalymnos /  Arhi27 May, 20095
8bBachhexeZillertal /  Unknown Crag3 August, 20143
This not 8a+. So much harder than Land der Hammer
8bWaddageRaven Tor5 July, 20105
despite being so tired from Mutation (close...)
8bHand-made JamFlatanger1 August, 20163
First Ascent funny route to the right of Frigg. Hand jamming feet first in the roof.
8bBig brotherMoravský kras1 September, 20055
First Ascent 1boulder,10-/10
8bDie letzte Versuchung Jesu ChristiKochel23 June, 20131
totally chipped, I wanted some route to make me tired in the rain before the drive back home
8bJediMilano /  CORNALBA3 January, 20105
8bMc FlyLa cova de l'ocell20 February, 20163
I did with the right detour, it was almost dark and I saw no holds in the direct
8bLes ChacalsRodellar5 July, 20053
a few boulders
8bMaratonaArco /  Unknown Crag24 February, 20185
1st go, Massone's best
8bGhettoblasterFrankenjura /  Rabenfels9 August, 20065
not easy,classic from wolfgang
8bCol BluArco /  Climax14 May, 20085
nice connection, 7th May
8bBatikMargalef /  Raco de la Espedellas25 January, 20093
8bMordillo VerlängerungZürich /  Voralpsee3 August, 20075
"OS",I climbed Amazonas before (same start)
8bgamma citronNice /  Gorges du Loup27 October, 20085
8bV cine jedi psyLabák18 September, 20113
could be 8a+ (Xc), hard to grade this bouldery stuff
8bOdysseusInnsbruck /  Nassereith12 August, 20095
8bMare del tanoBarcelona /  Santa Linya11 February, 20153
8bMatrixOsp/Misja Pec30 October, 20041
8bMortal KombatNice /  Castillon7 December, 20165
Dec 19
8bvoyage au bout de la nuitPeillon31 December, 20053
wet,horrible overhanging
8bIl DannoCIVIDATE3 April, 20103
8bSan Vito FestivalSan Vito lo Capo /  Unknown Crag6 May, 20163
1st go after 4 years
8bMorlock-SchockerFrankenjura /  Schlaraffenland27 July, 20053
hard moves under last bolt
8bMonster MagnetFrankenjura /  Unknown Crag7 October, 20185
suprisingly good route
8bCizí objevMoravský kras25 November, 20065
First Ascent 10-/10,nice moves
8bCool your foot manInnsbruck /  Schleier Wasserfall6 July, 20083
2nd GO slipped under the first bolt during OS
8bL'ami de tout le mondeProvence /  Céüse8 September, 20105
8bOutsiderMilano /  CORNALBA21 March, 20095
8bOhne Erfolg keine MisgunstVienna /  Adlitzgraben15 March, 20145
Like an onsight, tried many years ago
8bRealizaceRoviště21 December, 20083
basically flash, had climbed climbed one third of the route many years ago
8bOmaha BeachRed River Gorge (KY) /  Motherlode24 October, 20125
8bSubwayFrankenjura /  Bärenschlucht10 October, 20093
2nd GO first try five years ago
8bOrbitFrankenjura /  Holzgauer Wand28 September, 20151
Not so easy to onsight.
8bUmělá žena BarbaraMoravský kras3 April, 20053
8bKangarooNezer Cave3 December, 20173
1st try, knew a few moves from the other routes
8bHidrofobiaMontsant13 February, 20065
not 8b+,cool
8bEmpty RoomsBaume les dames1 February, 20085
8bNemaj BojMoravský kras30 August, 20051
conection,quite hard
8bNussknackerKompanj19 January, 20203
Video available on my YouTube channel.
8bBad boySiurana /  Salt de la reina mora9 February, 20075
technical,rest day .-)))
8bRose der ZeitInnsbruck /  Geisterschmiedwand30 September, 20085
8bJo Ta keBilbao /  Etxauri6 March, 20113
8bLes Arts Du VideKalymnos /  Sikati Cave25 May, 20095
8bN'oubliez jamaisOrpierre6 July, 20145
8bFull TiltKilnsey3 May, 20105
so close to onsight True North 8c...
8bPressackAllgäu24 July, 20163
8bLe pays sans frontière longAvignon /  Seynes24 January, 20095
Does the extension make it really harder?
8bThe DoorkeeperFlatanger23 May, 20135
First Ascent 2nd GO To the right of Bernetsenbanden, 45m of various sections best rock
8bTi che te tacche, tacchete!PREDORE27 December, 20095
First Ascent
8bTocant el CelLa cova de l'ocell20 February, 20165
short route on the left of the main wall.Amazing! 8b or 8b+?
8bPlan BFrankenjura /  Zwergenschloss10 June, 20055
8ble complexe d'adipeuxAvignon /  Lourmarin17 February, 20181
8bMikrowelleFrankenjura /  Glawewand7 August, 20065
8bDead LineFrankenjura /  Klagemauer20 April, 20083
8bPrinz AlbertInnsbruck /  Bürs18 October, 20205
Margalef long endurance style
8bEuphorieZürich /  Voralpsee24 July, 20075
8bsangue di thorSardinia /  Domusnovas21 October, 20083
given 8b+, can be easy 8b+ or a bit hard 8b
8bParsifalTetto di Sarre13 July, 20111
8bFortunaInnsbruck /  Nassereith11 August, 20093
8bCodigo NorteBarcelona /  Santa Linya11 February, 20153
8bLahko noč, IrenaOsp/Misja Pec28 October, 20045
8bHexenkesselZillertal /  Bachhexe24 July, 20103
1.go, traverse and 8a, did it twice
8bSadomasoArco /  Padaro7 December, 20163
Dec 21
8bMatičkov svetOsp/Misja Pec29 October, 20055
about easier
8bPlasmon directCIVIDATE3 April, 20105
8bSkalaVisnove4 May, 20161
8bAkiraFrankenjura /  Schlaraffenland27 July, 20051
10-/10but hard
8bDonnerkuppelFrankenjura /  Unknown Crag7 October, 20185
retro onsight
8bCerkoVipavska Bela12 November, 20065
8bMekkaPfalz /  Unknown Crag24 June, 20083
direkt is hard!
8bLe chirurgien du crépusculeProvence /  Céüse8 September, 20105
2nd GO first try in summer when I was really exhausted
8bPicos PardosBarcelona /  Oliana22 February, 20095
8bZona 30Margalef /  Laboratori28 January, 20143
8bKečupRoviště21 December, 20083
First Ascent 2nd GO
8bN.N.Valtournenche8 August, 20123
8bDer lange Weg zum Weißbier von rechtsInnsbruck /  Geisterschmiedwand4 October, 20095
good one
8bCamomillaPal Picollo13 September, 20155
First Ascent 1st pitch, the rest is an amazing 9a project, unfortunately did not send that one that day
8bAbregeniefAvignon /  St Léger24 March, 20051
2nd GO
8bCompaneroArco /  Bassilandia28 April, 20175
8bEl domino del gusanoSiurana /  Unknown Crag12 February, 20063
2nd GO quite on-sight
8bLe Mur des 6 ClopesAvignon /  St Léger31 December, 20075
maybe again 8b+? jugs
8bNejslabsí,máte padákaLabské údolí27 August, 20055