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On The Go...

Life is constantly changing and so is the format of the videos and other posts that we prepare for you. Are you curious what we are about to show you? First, let’s have a look at the whole journey we have traveled to reach this point.

We have been to a lot of places.

Life of a professional climber is inevitably connected with traveling. A LOT of traveling. We have been around the whole world, from the famous Yosemite Valley flooded with people to the vast lands of godforsaken settlements, where you can easily get lost and you even don’t want to be found. There is always plenty of beauty, excitement and happiness, and we can’t express how grateful we are for such opportunities. In 2018, we traveled around the USA and Chile, and we captured everything in the YouTube video series Climbing the Americas. Be sure to watch all 18 episodes because there is so much to see! You will visit legendary Yosemite Valley with all its world-wide famous boulder problems, you will enjoy breathtaking and scary views from its multi-pitch routes, you will have a chance to see Smith Rock - birthplace of sport climbing in America, packed with people. Then, to have some rest from crowds, you will be taken to Indian Creek in Utah desert - paradise of crack climbing. And finally, you will walk with us around moon-like landscapes in Chile where our only companions were the climbing crew, local dogs and condors flying high up in the sky.

If you feel like exploring some climbing areas in less known countries than America, you don’t have to go far. Just play a magically calming documentary from a road trip around Balkan countries. It is full of picturesque crags lost in the middle of hills, beautiful routes both near and far from civilization, and friendly people everywhere you go. It shows the raw, shabby and simple beauty of Balkan countryside where everything and everyone is so natural. You can feel that the passion for climbing is pure and honest, with no desire for success or fame. And since it is Adam Ondra who is climbing in the documentary...expect some extremely hard routes to be ascended for the first time on top of that!


Check out 18 episodes of Climbing The Americas
Or enjoy a beautiful documentary about
our trip to a Balkan countries

Some of them felt like a home

We touched every single pebble in Moravian Karst, we know which stair squeaks in Flatanger farm house we stayed in, we know the trails around El Cap so well, we can walk there at night without hesitation. We feel like home in all of these places. They all have a diferent atmosphere, climate, culture, type of rock. Every one of them is unique and has its own beauty. In fact, we feel like home everywhere we go. One cannot forget that the feeling of home is created to a great measure by the people who surround you. And the climbing community can create this feeling so naturally that you can quickly forget you’re not “at home”. We are proud to be part of you guys!


Well, don’t expect this to be a silent movie either

Watch the thrilling movie tracking the way to a successful ascent of the first 9c route in the world, Silence. It is located in Flatanger, Norway, and it was bolted and first ascended by Adam. The first successful ascent, which is now part of climbing history, happened on September 3, 2017, after 4 years of dedicated training. Witness Adam fight, suffer with him, train hard, and finally enjoy the unforgettable moment when he reached the top.

Especially when we won

Imagine you are stepping onto a stage with a bunch of other are standing in the glare of can hear your name being called from the speakers...there are thousands of people applauding, cheering, and taking pictures. It probably can’t be more in contrast to climbing outdoors, in fresh air, just with your climbing partner, your crew, and your name being whispered by the wind rustling in the trees. Yet, we love it as well. The vibes are just addictive! Moreover, competition season in 2019 was really successful for us.

Adam won the first bouldering World Cup of the season in Meiringen, as the only one topping out a beautiful crack boulder problem. A few months later, Adam won another gold medal in the lead World Cup in Chamonix. Undoubtedly one of the best places for both climbers and the audience. Than World Cup in Kranj with more than a 20-year-long tradition. Adam always looks forward to competing there as he has attended the event many times - already as a junior climber. One more gold medal from the European Championships in Edinburgh and to finish the season with yet another amazing success, succesful qualifications for the Olympics in Toulouse. What a season!



Pssst… We are not supposed to call it Road to Tokyo :-)

When it was decided that climbing will be part of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, the whole community was thrilled. Finally, climbing was recognized and could make its way into awareness of the wide public! Qualification for the Olympics became a new goal for professional climbers. Check out our road to Tokyo series to get a peak into what a climber’s life looks like - from training in various gyms, climbing outdoors, through physiotherapy, dealing with injuries and recovery, to questions regarding food, climbing shoes and all necessary equipment. It is a challenge to watch everything - we published a new episode every week for more than one year and a half. Do you accept the challenge? If yes, you can start right here.

But even when we lost

During his trip to Yosemite Valley, Adam set a clear goal - do onsight of Salathé Wall in less than 24 hours. Salathé Wall is a multi-pitch route with vertical gain of 900 metres (3 000 feet), graded as 8a/8a+ (5.13b). Adam knew very well that it was bold and he felt a little bit intimidated by it. But much more he felt excited and we felt the same! We all know you won’t achieve anything memorable if you’re not willing to take some risk. As it is said – aim for the stars and you will reach the moon. Adam began his climbing at the beginning of Salathé Wall exactly one minute after midnight so that he could use the whole 24 hours and most importantly - colder air before the sunrise. He reached 800 meters of height and started climbing the Headwall (8a+ or 5.13c). It was 4pm. Shortly after, he took a big fall on this pitch. His dream to climb Salathé Wall onsight in less than 24 hours ended abruptly. After so much fighting, pain and fatigue… But that’s life. There is always some disappointment on the way to satisfaction, always some helplessness on the way to success.

The emotions, when Adam fell on the Headwall after he spent 16 hours climbing the Salathé Wall, were quite the same like in the World Championships in Hachioji almost a year later. The Championships introduced a combined format and offered climbers a possibility to qualify to the Olympics. Adam ended 58th in speed, 6th in bouldering, 1st in lead, and he qualified for the Olympics It is needless to say he was happy. But then he was accused of stepping on a bolt and his qualification was canceled. His dream to qualify for the Olympics in the first possible event ended abruptly as well…

We always came back, kept going on

Creating all the content mentioned above, all the shooting, editing, publishing, and writing was amazing. Of course...sometimes we knew the clock was ticking for the post or video to be published and we still had a lot of editing to do. Hence, we sometimes felt tired. We are all human, after all...unlike Adam :-) However, we enjoyed every twist and turn on the road all the same. We believe we learned a lot. We hope we presented you some beautiful videos and photographs. We loved your supporting and flattering comments. We would like to thank you for being with us throughout the whole journey.




And now is time for a new start

But, please, don’t worry

There will always be
some climbing in this art