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Open-air gym in the heart of the Italian Alps

Trentino is located in the north of Italy, nestled between South Tyrol, Veneto and Lombardy. If you look close at the outline of the province, it has the shape of a butterfly, with the Adige River as its body. That’s why the symbol of the Trentino is a blue butterfly. Dominating the skyscape are the transcendent Dolomites, that have been nominated UNESCO World Natural Heritage site for their beauty, their unique landscape and geological features, at whose feet lovely alpine meadows, dense spruce forests or clear mountain lakes lie. A spectacle that invites everyone to practice excursions in nature. The region is a geographical and cultural bridge between Central Europe and the Mediterranean area, which is reflected in art, culture and lifestyle. The different valleys offer not only a lot of nature, but a mix of alpine traditions and Mediterranean “italian lifestyle”, from cool mountain life to warm beach fun.

The rivers, lakes and mountains of Trentino are perfect for practicing any number of sporting activities in a wonderful natural setting. For water sports aficionados there’s sailing, windsurfing, fishing and even white-water rafting. For those who prefer dry ground, the bicycle is the ideal means of doing sport and exploring Trentino. With over 400 km of cycle paths, anyone can easily get around in a sustainable way and, at the same time, enjoy the marvels of the local countryside to the full. More expert cyclists are free to take on any of the 23 epic climbs that have inevitably become part of cycling history. Furthermore, with a mountain bike you can leave the beaten path and explore the dense network of dedicated trails and forest paths, even in winter by renting a fat bike which, thanks to it wide tires, also allows you to cycle over the snow.

Lastly, the mountains of Trentino, offer countless opportunities for sporting activities in direct contact with nature. Trekking is an obvious choice, with over 5,000 km of marked trails that wind their way through woodlands, past farmsteads and alpine lakes and up to the summits of the Dolomites and other peaks. A mountaineering paradise and a great way to rediscover the silence that dominates nature at higher altitudes and maybe enjoy the vivid night sky before going to bed in a mountain hut. In Trentino there are numerous climbing sites and routes for both experts and beginners. Upon reaching the top, instead of belaying down again, you can always have a go at paragliding gently down to the valley floor.

For these reasons Trentino is also considered an “open-air gym”.

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