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Top Climbing Moments


Let's enjoy the finest selection of my climbs in recent years. I selected several moments which I consider to be the most captivating. You can look forward to visiting the whole world in just a few minutes. And if your curiosity isn't satisfied when you finish watching, you can visit List of Routes to read about all the hardest routes I've ever done (from 8a higher) and enjoy a number of… Read more

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Climbing Ethics

Rock climbing is sport (and much more than that) without referees, and its ethics are not written, not very often all climbers agree about…

January 8 / Read more

Final Countdown

For about one week, the conditions remained great. It was cold, dry and windy. Just a perfect scenario for sending. After long weeks of…

December 22 / Read more

Animal Style

Check out another episode how I battled on Perfecto Mundo. After visit of Patxi and training on a campus board on the terrace for almost two…

December 13 / Read more

Wolf Pack

As much as is happening in front of the camera, there is at least the same amount of stuff being done behind it. All the filmmaking,…

December 6 / Read more


The Best Boulder Ever Built

South of my hometown Brno, the land is mostly flat without any rock to climb. But once you open your mind and eyes, you can find true hidden gems to climb. The next episode is about this magnificent… Read more


Qui 9a+ / Adam's Nightmare

Here is the next episode and this is the first serious rockclimb that appears in the whole series. The second ascent of route Qui from Stefan Furst that had remained 23 years without repetition. I… Read more

Perfecto Mundo

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Final Countdown

Dec 22 / Read more

Animal Style

Dec 13 / Read more

Wolf Pack

Dec 6 / Read more

Road To Tokyo

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Atene Naturale 9a

Oct 12 / Read more

Tips for Better Clipping / Sid Lives 8c+

Oct 5 / Read more

Hard Choice / Genezis 8b+ On-sight

Sep 28 / Read more

Kneebar - The Downgrader / Beginning 9a

Sep 21 / Read more

Adam's Workday / Behind the Scenes with a Top Athlete

Sep 14 / Read more