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Opening New Climbing Routes & exploring Býčí skála Climbing Crag

Moravsky kras (Moravian Karst in English) is a region northeast of my hometown where I started climbing. It is composed of a few different crags, spread out in a few valleys and little hills in a forested area. Here, I started putting up new routes. It the beginning out of necessity. I just simply ran out of routes to try. The hardest route at that time was Carodejuv ucen (Wizard's… Read more



There was a conflict inside me. I love rock climbing, but I love challenges. How much will I be able to sacrifice for the challenge? How will…

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AO Photo Book with a Christmas 25% Off

Do we, as humans, like to get out of our comfort zone or not? I would say we generally hate it. We want to have the feeling of safety.…

November 23 / Read more

I Made My First Climbing Hold Ever

Welcome to Xàtiva! A small town nearby Valencia, Spain, with 30 thousand inhabitants, a nice historical feeling, and the home of a top-notch…

November 17 / Read more

Commented Climb Thulium 8c by Adam Ondra

Even though Czechia is famous for sandstone climbing, most traditional sandstone climbing is located in the northwest. In the eastern part of…

November 1 / Read more


The Best Boulder Ever Built

South of my hometown Brno, the land is mostly flat without any rock to climb. But once you open your mind and eyes, you can find true hidden gems to climb. The next episode is about this magnificent… Read more


Conquer the Castle

Absolutní vědomí (Absolute Consciousness) is the first 8b+ in former Czechoslovakia, first ascended by Tomáš Pilka nicknamed Svišť (Marmot). I set my goal to on-sight this legendary route and the… Read more

Perfecto Mundo

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Behind the Scenes of Perfecto Mundo

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Final Countdown

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Animal Style

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Road To Tokyo

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Atene Naturale 9a

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Tips for Better Clipping / Sid Lives 8c+

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Hard Choice / Genezis 8b+ On-sight

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Kneebar - The Downgrader / Beginning 9a

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Adam's Workday / Behind the Scenes with a Top Athlete

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