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Animal Style

Check out another episode how I battled on Perfecto Mundo. After visit of Patxi and training on a campus board on the terrace for almost two weeks, there was a two-day window of quite decent conditions with lower humidity. The weather forecast was pretty grim for the few days following that, so the pressure was on, but psyche was ON too.

Amazing job. Being so honest transmits a lot. Sigue así Ondra, rompiendo esquemas. Y sigue disfrutando escalar ;), es lo que importa. Btw very good production team. Music was an awesome choice.

Amazing determination! You are so close to sticking that crux! Can’t wait to see the full send video once you battle through it!

Hodné šťastie Adam!


I reckon I could do it. I'm just built different, that's all.

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