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Final Countdown

For about one week, the conditions remained great. It was cold, dry and windy. Just a perfect scenario for sending. After long weeks of waiting, getting really impatient, I was more than eager to give it good tries.

You're going to come back for the send and show everyone why you're the best climber in the world! Thanks for the beautiful content Adam, greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the spooler chad

Hi Adam and all the crew! I think your adventure in Margalef with Perfecto Mundo was awesome. In every episode I could feel your passion, your determination and I really appreciated your courage in showing that it's not always easy and that, although climbers sometimes lose against their project, this doesn't mean they have to give up.

I'm sure you're going back there when possible to finish what you started Adam, I followed every episode of your adventure and I wrote an article about it (it's in Italian). My friends and I have a blog where we write about all our passions.

I'm a climber and so I had to write about this! If you want, you can find the link here:

Wish you the best, stay safe!

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