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I Made My First Climbing Hold Ever

Welcome to Xàtiva! A small town nearby Valencia, Spain, with 30 thousand inhabitants, a nice historical feeling, and the home of a top-notch climbing holds company Euroholds. I've had the opportunity to meet a lot of great, hard-working, open-minded people here who are involved in the climbing holds movement. It ain't just the holds we are so excited about, but also the possibilities in how we can communicate what we work on. Check out the progress.

For anybody excited about climbing

I spent countless hours and days perfecting my skills and techniques on how to train better, more efficiently, and in such a way as to minimize any injuries. I enjoy every bit of it, no matter how excruciatingly tiring the training might sometimes be. It's all part of the never-ending learning process. Something that I wish to share one day with anybody who cares to listen. And it just happened. Be it a hold manufacturer seeking the perfect hold shape, a pro climber working on her or his project, or anybody excited about climbing, no matter the grade.

New era of the climbing holds

Are you ready to join the new era of the climbing holds? Check out a new video from the very origin of an exciting collaboration with Euroholds climbing holds company.

One day you may come to visit us at "El Forat" in Barcelona, a humble climbing gym in Esplugues (Barcelona) . The owner, Manolo, is known for doing crazy shaped climbing holds. The climbing tunnel called "la Foixarda" was/is his project and many of the climbing holds were born from his hands!! Definitely, a place to visit and a man to meet if you are passing by!!

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